Bribe Island – South East Queensland

Brisbane winter weather can be absolutely stunning.  Beautiful clear warm days without the summer humidity, lend themselves to exploring the great outdoors.

On this particular recent winter day, a visit to this interesting piece of beauty, seeped in history, was a most enjoyable experience. Here you could feel the light breeze, soak up the stunning scenery and explore the different areas dotted across the island. Since 1963, when the bridge was built to connect Bribie with the mainland, accessing the island became an easy drive for Brisbane and surrounding area residents.

We found a meandering little walkway. siting between some lucky residences and a bird sanctuary.   A couple of hides had been built along the way to enable you to spend sometime viewing the different bird species as they mingled near the waters edge.

At the end of the track lies a waterway giving local residents access to the bay.  Sun rays danced across the glistening blue water,, highlighting the moving reflections stretched across the mirroring water.

Explore the different areas across the island, there is plenty to see and do.  A number of  cafes and other venues, leave you plenty of choice to enjoy a relaxing bite to eat.

On this occasion, we stopped by the Blue Anchorage, situated near the jetty, for a pleasant lunch.

With a choice of inside, outside dining and table service, the venue was a lovely place to wile away some time,

Enjoy your visit to Bribie Island, its an easy drive from Brisbane.  In fact from Northside you will do this in well under an hour.  Always nice to visit on on a weekday as weekends can be busy out here, with everyone trying to enjoy a slice of heaven on earth.

Carseldine Roadhouse

An impromptu visit to the Carseldine Roadhouse recently, was in no way disappointing.  Part of the Caltex complex on Gympie Road, the final Brisbane service station stop on the main road out of the city heading north, 

Enjoy the Roadhouse restaurant atmosphere here, whilst you maintain expectancy to indulge in a good hearty meal.

Dropping in for breakfast, the simple all day menu still gave enough choice for us both to enjoy a meal.  Staff were friendly and efficient, with not too much of a wait before meals were delivered to the solid wooden table.  

Bursting with flavour, the Italian omelette was my choice today.  Certainly a bigger meal than expected and not one that would leave you hungry afterwards.   

Hubby’s choice was the Grill breakfast with an added extra or two.  The only problem he had was making his way to the end! 

All food was fresh and nicely cooked, without being overdone or tough.   It was a pleasant start to the day,  partaking of the good quality food at the Roadhouse.

Open 7 days with other meal choices available, and some specials available, stop in before you leave Brisbane, or just drop by if you’re in the area looking for a reasonably priced hearty meal.  We were told Thursdays have good specials šŸ‘.  We will have to check that out sometime.

And those large cups on the menu are exactly what they say!

Lakeview and Mandys on the Mountain Restaurants, Mecure Clear Mountain

Beautifully located on the side of Clear Mountain, with incredible vistas to the side and front, you will find the Mecure Clear Mountain Resort.   Two restaurants are onsite.  One being the general Lakeview restaurant boasting a wide wrap around verandah area giving you a choice of indoor or outdoor dining.

The second is the adults only dinner restaurant Mandy’s on the Moutain.  Menus are similar and simplistic, in a good way.  We enjoyed a lunch at Lakeview on a balmy weekend day, followed by an intimate dinner at Mandy’s, with a backdrop of wine, and nightcaps on the balcony overlooking the evertwinkling Brisbane & surounds lights.

This soft shell tempura crab lunch special, was incredibly soft, with the light tempura giving some crispness to the dish.  Presentation was superb.

Pairing well with the stuffed jalapeƱo dish and delightful platter, lunch was most enjoyable.

With lunch definitely not disappointing, we were left wondering what delights would be in store for this evenings meal at Mandy’s..  

We had a lovely conversation with new restaurant managerduring lunch.  Interesting  to see new staff learning the ropes.  Certainly no complaints from us regarding staff, everyone we came across was friendly and helpful.

Natural oysters displayed on a bed of salt with crisp lime slices,  provided that wonderful raw seafood flavour to the tastebuds.  They were also a perfect starter to our dinner at Mandy’s on the Mountain.Crispy duck was my dinner choice.  Never have I eaten such a delectably soft duck.  With a crunch on the outside, the inside meat simply fell apart and melted in the mouth.Hubby declared his bangers and mash to be superb.  Apparently a very enjoyable dish.Why not finish with a dessert?  This tiramisu with pistachio ice cream, finished off hubby’s meal with that taste of sweet, but not too sweet.  Again service here was superb.

There is no doubt we will be going back to either of these restaurants. To combine this wonderful food, with the atmosphere, views and service, why would we not return!  Look forward to our next visit.

Belvedere Bar n Grill, Portside Brisbane

Seeking an venue, for some time out from the world, whilst enjoying a long lingering lunch, we chose Belvedere at Portside.

A beautiful sunny afternoon, we missed the lunch rush, which meant we could wile away some time watching the cruise ship depart Portside. A very relaxing way to wind up another busy week.

The menu included plenty of variety, including many dishes for two. which made for a difficult final decision. I chose the entree of rare seared beef, braised mushrooms, parmesan and truffle oil, partnered with a rocket pear and pecorino salad. Hubby choice was a mixed grill which included pork cutlets, pork sausages beef, and bacon.

These meals were superb. Meat melted in the mouth, everything was fresh, with just the right amount of flavouring. Very impressive.

Certainly no complaints with the service here, professional, yet still service with a smile. Chilled water was delivered to the table along with the arrival of the first friendly waiter. We did have a few different staff visit the table, which, in a way added to the relaxing afternoon and a bit of variety.

This restaurant set up with a bar area including a bar menu, which should appeal to most budgets. I could see this being a very tempting place to wile away an afternoon or evening. In particular, if you like to see what’s happening in the world, there’s always something to see here.

This is one of the variety of eateries in the Portside area, however it certainly is one worth a visit.


Breakfast Creek Hotel – Spanish Garden Restaurant

Let’s back track slightly to the sights we saw on the trip to this family dinner. Most of the time, as you’re driving along, you notice some of the activities, happening in the other vehicles around you. Today, for some obscure reason, was a drive full of free entertainment.

A people mover blatantly driving down the road, not a number plate in sight. Didn’t seem to bother the driver! Many other amusing sights in nearby vehicles, but the best was definitely the young lady who jumped into her vehicle, reversed back on the car park, before driving forward straight into the back bumper of a police van. We figured that probably ruined her day!

Feeling well entertained and hungry, we arrived at Brekky Creek. Tonight was to be a small family dinner to celebrate an engagement. A little early, we ducked unto the the rum bar (Sub Station no 41), for a pre dinner drink. Seated near a wall of rum, from around the world, we enjoyed a quiet drink. Surrounded by huge stone and exposed brick walls, topped by huge windows, whilst seated on a high lounge or stools, you do feel a very small inside this huge castle style area.

Time for dinner. A short walk back through the busy bar areas brought us back to the Spanish Garden Restaurant. Beef is a main part of the menu here, just not this one…

Designed as a Spanish style Restaurant, the area inside is huge, a long main seating area with private alcoves and other areas scattered around. White washed walls, numerous arches, stone floors, with a big beef display unit, all help to enhance the Spanish experience.

Staff were pleasant, helpful and happy to interact. The only entree tonight was a nice cheese garlic bread for the table. Complimentary large, beautifully soft rolls, were delivered before the mains arrived. The arrival of the huge, nicely designed meals, presented a challenge to everyone.


Char grilled steak with calamari, was my choice, accompanied by Idaho potato and coleslaw. This steak was thick, tender, partnering well with the side bowl of large calamari rings. A most enjoyable meal all round.

The first meal pictured was The Creek dish, including Moreton bay bug, scallops and steak. This I am told, was also a tasty meal, which hubby did come close to finishing. Closer than most of us!


Even with a struggle to the finish line, there’s still that feeling of needing to finish with a sweet dish. The mocha choc chip cheesecake was a popular choice for our table, whilst I chose the berry meringue. Mine was certainly as delicious as it looks in the photo above. I have it on good authority, as well as the evidence of clean dessert plates, that the cheesecake was a winner.

A good reliable restaurant if you’re seeking the Spanish style or after big meals. Rum lovers will certainly enjoy a visit to the caverns of Sub Station no 21.