Ricks Garage-Palmwoods

Within easy reach of Brisbane, Ricks Garage is a great destination for a day trip. Initially your standard local garage and workshop with a couple of pumps, Ricks has evolved since first opening in 1962. By 2014, the Jamieson family, who had purchased in 2002, decided to change direction.

Today, as on most weekend days, the shop frontage was lined with the pride and joy of many bikers, peppered with restored and much loved cars from days gone by.

Everywhere you look, this venue is bursting with memorabilia. Memories line the walls, blending with intriguing, furniture and fittings.

One of the biggest employers in this area, with around 55 employees, Ricks popularity is growing rapidly. And those employees, wow, good work, well done, you were all on the ball and friendly.Upstairs is a whiskey bar, no kids here, if you’re under 18 you cannot climb the stairs. But, for those whiskey lovers over 18, this place is heaven on earth.

Oh and for those who only stay downstairs, there’s one toilet for guys and one for the ladies. But, head up the internal stairs and there are some newer facilities for both. Another reason why you need to go up for a look around.

Check out the menu. Hearty food which arrives in an incredibly short time. Hubby today decided he was hungry, so Ricks Famous Big One was the choice.1.1kg of pure burger infused serendipity. Double everything. Yes everything.

There are no changes, so dont request to remove or change the ingredients. This burger is an intricate work of art.

A warning too with the thick shakes, they are multiple desserts, in one vessel. If you’re the driver, ok treat yourself because you cannot indulge in the enticing array of whiskey and alcoholic beverages. But, be warned, these thick shakes are not for the faint hearted!.. .For the alcohol indulged, Sunday afternoon, you can have these blended jugs, that’s why its called Spritz Sunday. A lot bigger than it looks, as the wine glasses supplied are big ones. Trust me, they are!

Stop by and check out Ricks. There’s many options and much to see. Well worth the drive from Brisbane. Or, closer if you’re on the Sunshine Coast.

This hinterland township, also houses some interesting businesses. From crafts to food, something for all. Next time, we will be checking out the sausage roll shop next door. Now that sounds intriguing! Watch this space..,,

NASA. A Human Adventure, Brisbane

There are doubters and there are believers about Man landing on the moon and exploring space. Somewhere in between there are those who want to believe these amazing feats. But, whatever your opinion, if you haven’t taken the opportunity to visit the NASA exhibit, then you may well be missing out on some information to seal your opinion.

Visiting this exhibit is an eye opener and I would suggest you dont miss out, with only a couple of weeks left to run in Brisbane. Before visiting we thought maybe it was going to be photos, newspaper articles and a bit of memorabilia. This exhibit was so much more.

The first stage of your launch is on level three of the QLD museum. Youngsters are well taken care of with different activities to keep interested along the way.

Venturing through the exhibit, the information accumulation is nothing short of incredible. Here you will learn of the countries who entered the space race, their equipment, purpose and how they fared.

Its not all about reading, theres plenty to see and experience throughout. An array of spacesuits is quite mind boggling. How did anyone on earth even know what material to use in making spacesuits? There was a lot of guesswork as to what would actually work.Seeing these suits right up close is pretty awesome. There’s an array of suits to view, all differing in their makeup and sometimes purpose. It’s pretty rare to have the opportunity to view these, and if I were you, I wouldn’t miss that.Sections of replica rockets are displayed so you can see what astronauts have endured. Some are to scale and to be honest, you have to feel for those astronauts, theres not a lot of room.One of the most interesting items, I felt, was the original computer desk out of the Ground Control room. Not only were these actual computers used, the pieces of paper with notations and calculations was extremely intriguing. Some how, this was one item which really gave that human touch and made the experience real. After you finish viewing the awesome artefacts laid out on this level, you can then visit the rest of the exhibit on level 2. Photos are so real, you are totally drawn into the experience. The only thing stopping you from floating is gravity.The final piece of the exhibit is an incredible replica of the Atlantis. This space shuttle completed 33 return trips to space, orbiting our earth a total of 4848 times. That’s a lot.

Climb the stairs to see the top part of the module, and dont forget to check out the bottom half too.

Cleverly displayed so you can immerse yourself in a shuttle experience, whilst being mesmerised by the control panel, this replica is definitely the icing on the cake.

Even the toilet used in space is displayed in the bottom part of this shuttle. Information boards explain what you can see as you view all of this clearly as you look past the see through wall.It would be so easy to go on for hours about this exhibit, after all there is a lot to see. But, you need to experience it, and if it heads to your state or country, then dont miss the opportunity to look through. It really is well worth some time, no matter what your opinion may be. More photos and information are posted on Dine Live Travel, Instagram, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Visit and Experience, Space, the final frontier. It really is a human adventure, or is it……

Melbourne Food Experiences

There’s something about Melbourne. Not just Melbourne, the food, the coffee, ok yes theres the weather and diversity of the area, but everyone who visits Melbourne will tell you about the food.

From coffee vans to quirky cafes through to high end restaurants, Melbourne presents an incredible array of food choices, from many cultures.We enjoyed a number of meals whilst visiting. The first breakfast, including the silverside Brekky option above, was enjoyed at an interesting quirky suburban cafe Mr. Foxx. Friendly staff, great food and decor with a difference. Something to see in every direction.Ok it was winter and pretty chilly outside, but once inside the cafe you were enveloped with warmth, homeliness and customer chatter, all rising above the sounds of the coffee machine and kitchen preparations.Hubby approved of the chai latte it was apparently superb. As a non coffee, non chai drinker, I can only comment to say that a number of people I know who do drink coffee, would move to Melbourne just for the coffee. Apparently its that good.

On another day, we were visiting the Terracotta Warriors at the NGV, which had us finishing just before lunch. A little bit of museum exploring and the onsite Garden Restaurant was discovered. No need to brave the cold, lets give this one a a try.Seated next to expansive windows, overlooking a lawn area, complete with artworks, as well as pond with a somewhat interesting fountain sculpture in the middle. Ill let you visit and work that one out!White table cloths, highly attentive staff, matched to an extensive wine & food menu, making for plenty of choice for all. Add to that the garden fresh herbs and vegetables you can see outside the restaurant, and you know this will be a lovely dining experience.Food arrived in a timely manner, simple tidy presentation. Upon tasting, wow, totally delicious, melt in your mouth food.

I was also lucky to enjoy another breakfast, at a suburban cafe, One Little Place. Highly recommended by some lovely ladies in the Norsu Interiors shop, which just happened to be next door. Check this place out too, its unique collection of home interior design items and ideas will give you plenty of inspiration, and enough shopping to fill up your vehicle each trip!The dish I chose at One Little Place, was the one recommended, Avocado Crush. A deconstructed version of avocado smash which was not only intriguing, but what a superb idea for breakfast! Totally different to the usual presentation on this dish, here you were able to mix and match yourself. Absolutely loved it.The warmth and character of this little cafe made for a very enjoyable breakfast for one. Add to that a quick chat to the friendly staff when paying the bill and it was certainly well worth stopping by.

Our final stop on the last day, as we headed out to Melbourne Airport, was at the Boathouse, which was an easy stop on our way to the airport.This restaurant is right on the river, with a huge outside deck. Some braved the chilly conditions to sit out there, and all honesty, on a warmer day, that would have been an awesome place to sit for a while. On this particular weekday however, the warmth of the inside fire was definitely much more appealing!

Today I opted for the Express 2 course lunch, which just happened to accompanied by a glass of wine, winning! The lightly batter fried calamari was soft, easy to eat and quite tasty. Follow this up with the creamy carbonara and you have delightful lunch, not to heavy, not to light. Especially after you have shared the calamari!Hubby was a little more hungry, his choice being a substantial burger and chips, which I’m told was delicious. High praise.Theres a lot happening at this venue, as we could see looking around. Those cocktails we saw on the blackboard, sound like the ideal accompaniment to a table on the balcony, overlooking the river. Perfect place for summer!We only touched on a few of the many venues in Melbourne. But as well as dining out, we enjoyed the delectable delights delivered to your door. So many choices, so much food. When you order restaurant quality food to your door, well sometimes its just easier. BellissimošŸ˜˜