The Full Moon Hotel – Sandgate

Waves of fresh sea air wash over you, as you sit at a table overlooking the Bay,   Glimpses of the sea and beach appear between the trees.   The bonus here, you can enjoy a long lingering lunch, with the kitchen open during the afternoon, only closing briefly to prepare for dinner service. 

Sprawling along the corner block, this establishment offers plenty of choice for everyone.   Perhaps you’d like a quiet drink, a lingering lunch,  a wedding venue, or a sports bar.   Here, your requirements will no doubt be catered for.
There’s plenty of room to spread out.    Our group enjoyed a long lunch, ordering entrees and mains whenever we desired.  No need to run up a tab here, everyone can pay for their own as they go.

Our meal choices included plenty of seafood.  The prawns pictured above, we’re so beautifully fresh, you were convinced the chef had run across the road to haul a few out of the sea.  

The calamari below was the softest calamari we had enjoyed in a very long time.  Again delightfully fresh. 

Jam jar cocktails were a hit at our table.  Hubby likened their taste to Redskins lollies.   A little to sweet for my taste, however there still a few enjoyed over the course of the afternoon. 

Our mains today included a couple of the seafood platters for sharing.   With more of the fabulously fresh prawns, calamari, teamed with Moreton Bay Bugs and scallops resting amongst this fabulously presented dish, it was a good choice.
If there us such a thing as too much seafood, then we probably had it,  if not, then these dishes were certainly filling  and very enjoyable.   Staff were friendly, and tolerant given we chose to spread our meal over an entire afternoon!   
Definitely worth visiting!  

Vagelis Bar & Cafe – Racecourse Road, Hamilton, Brisbane


A recent week day off work, led to a relaxing breakfast at Vagelis Bar & Cafe, located on the busy Racecourse Road restaurant strip.  Here you are spoilt for choice.   Today we chose Vagelis to enjoy breakfast.

For such a busy road, the setting here was lovely and relaxing.   A mix of Bali/Asian style meets western style.  Quite a mixed feel cafe, yet somehow this all came together to make for a nice place to enjoy a chill out breakfast.


The Japan Sencha tea was presened on its own wooden board, and made for a very enjoyable accompaniment to the meal.


The salmon stack above was my choice today.  Simple presentation, fresh food, even with one of the eggs being stone cold, this was not enough to ruin the meal.  Still a very nice meal, I’m sure the cold egg was simply an oversight on this day.


With a breakfast menu giving you plenty of choice, there is bound to be something on here to meet your requirements.    Service was friendly with everything being delivered to the table in a timely manner.   One in our table tried the Turbo Burrito and declared this to be a really nice dish.   I’m not a burrito person, but if you, perhaps is is one to try.

Luke I said earlier, the choice of dining on Racecourse Road is huge, however, this place is worth checking out.  It had the look and feel of a lovely place to spend a lazy afternoon or morning.   Check it out sometime. πŸ‘

Beach Cafe, Marine Parade, Broadbeach


Heading home from the Gold Coast, we decided to drop by Labrador for a refuelling Brunch.

Located on Marine Parade, just opposite the water, is this fresh, beachy feel cafe.   With an inside airconditioned area, open at one end, or outside dining area choices, you will find something suitable to you.  Here you order and pay at the counter, before taking the allocated table  number to your area of choice,.


The chocolate thick shake above was most definitely thick, with the consistency  of a cold soft serve ice cream, enabling the straw to stand on its on.   A meal in itself!


Hubby’s choice of the big breakfast, impressed with the large steak and generous portion sizes overall.  I myself chose the omelette.  Soft, tasty and packed with my choices, the omelette was a filling yet not too heavy meal. Service here was friendly, prices reasonable, with drinks and meals arriving without a long delay.  

Enjoying the airconditioned inside area, whilst still able to take in the view across to the sea,  this cafe was a very pleasant place to dine.  You may wish to check this cafe out sometime whilst in the general vincity.   Certainly worth a look.


Rod Stewart – The Hits, 2015 Tour

Beginning our evening at Stars Restaurant, located in Brisbanes Entertainment Centre, allowed us to enjoy some quiet time with our own table, away from the herds and masses gathering for the Rockin’ Rod concert.

Here you not only enjoy a two course meal, you have the added benefit of full table service.  No linung up at the bar, struggling to carry drinks or food, and losing half of them before you reach your final destination.


This rack of lamb was well enjoyed by hubby, one of the choices for mains on the set menu.  After enjoying a wonderful, long dinner, with fantastic, friendly service, it was time to make our way to the seats for tonight’s concert.

James Reyne kicked off the evening with some fabulous music, including Australian Crawl covers and of course, his finale, When Boys Light Up.

After the interval it was time for the energetic antics, paired with the raspy voice, of Rod Stewart.   Never one to disappoint, Rod threw the microphone round his body like he was ribbon dancing, whilst bouncing around the stage like an energiser battery.   I only hope to be as agile as Rod is when I reach 70.   Very impressive.

This show is about The Hits.  After all Rod has had plenty over the years.  Accompanied by his talented musicians with instruments including violin, harp, drums, even his own small orchestea for some songs, Rod belted out his hits, to the delight and enjoyment of the crowd.  Singing and waving, the hit hungry audience, joined Rod on his journey of songs.

 Snappily dressed as always, Rod changed through his suits, including the yellow jacket, and sparkling sparkling suit, whilst his on stage companions, rocked on, resplendent in their own eye catching attire.


Having a Party, It’s a Heartache, You Wear it Well, followed by Tonight’s the Night.   From rocker to crooner, Rod had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.  Moving through his set, Rythym of My Heart was dedicated to the armed forces with the video finishing with a tribute to Australia & New Zealand’s Anzacs.  Now if you didn’t shed a tear here, then you must be tough.   This tribute to the Anzacs was definitely well appreciated by all the crowd.

The new song he wrote three years ago, Time, was a fitting tribute to his father Bob who loved Rods, never give up attitude.

Forever Young, You’re in my Heart, Sailing, Maggie May, amongst many other hits, before the final encore, Do ya think I’m Sexy.   Gathering by the reaction of the elderly ladies nearby, I think they thought he was.   This song was the one Rod Stewart himself had said never expected to be singing at this age, or even close to it. 

Judging by the performance, Rod had a lot of concerts left in him yet.  One wonders how far it he will take.  Rock on Rod. πŸ‘πŸ˜„

Marios Italian Restaurant Broadbeach


Seated beneath the decorative grape vines, secured to the roof above, we enjoyed a long, lingering lunch, wiling away the afternoon with good friends.   A wonderful place to sit and watch the world go by, served by waitstaff with an awesome sense of humour and accompanied by very good food and wine.  Aaah bliss πŸ˜„.

Located on the side of the Oasus Shopping Centre, along the restaurant strip side, there’s plenty to see here.  People passing by, a busy restaurant strip, yet somehow relaxing when you are seated at your table, just out of reach of the normal comings and goings around you.  


One of the entrees enjoyed was the scallops dish above.  Delightfully soft scallops cooked Italian style, were a definite hit.  


I chose the above stuffed, lightly crumbed mushrooms, as an entree.  A perfect combination of mushroom, cheese and crumbs.   Enjoyable as a nice light start to a meal.

Presentation of meals was certainly very good, as was the freshness of the food included.    Your biggest problem here is probably going to be choosing a seating area.   We had the wonderful balcony area, with a big marquee available in the mall area, as well as the inside dining.


My choice was to enjoy a second entree as opposed to a main.  Given the size of the meals I saw being delivered to other tables, this was a wise choice.


However this seafood plate above was a delicious choice.  Salmon, oysters, prawns and a superbly dressed rocket salad.   The main size version of this was available as well, personally though, I found this to be the perfect size.

No doubt at sometime you will find yourself in the Broadbeach area of the Gold Coast, keep this Italian Restaurant in mind for a relaxing dining experience.  In the meantime, here’s  a taste of the dessert menu, to tempt those tastebudsπŸ˜„.



Rio Vista Seafoods – Broadbeach Waters


Good Friday called for a feed of Fish.   With their biggest day of the year looming, Rio Vista Seafoods opened for the whole day to cater to the fish hungry masses.   Lineups were long, but that was to be expected on a public holiday like today, with very few places open.

Meal deals, burgers, cooked chickens, plus a a huge variety of seafood and sides, there was plenty to cover for everyone’s tastes.


Whitebait fritters were large, tasty and certainly hit the spot.  Not soggy or limp, they were just the right well cooked mix.  

 Teamed with an impressive slice of melt in the mouth grilled salmon, complete with crispy skin, and some of the most fantastically soft scallops I had ever tasted, this delicious fish meal was complete.

Hubby completed his meal with oysters, which were nice, just a little on the small side.  Everything else though, definitely came as large serves.    

Prices at this seafood shop were overall reasonable, in fact most menu items were cheaper than our normal fish n chip shops in Brisbane.   

Located on Rio Vista Boulevard, keep this one in mind for when you are in the Broadbeach area.