Transit Tavern

Located in the DFO complex, just past Dan Murphys, we have been going to check this one out for along time. Finally as a random choice for brekky, we dropped in one recent weekend morning.

They have indoor or outdoor seating, but with a number of patrons having secured outdoors, we settled for a quieter location at the back of the venue.

You can build your own breakfast or choose from the menu. All reasonably priced and catering for majority of tastes. I decided to build my own, minus the bread base. And I’d have to say that rib fillet steak was incredibly easy to eat, soft, nicely cooked and not overly fatty.

Even the halloumi which is often something overcooked, was light and tasty. Value wise, this ended up being a surprising good breakfast.

Hubbys choice was the chicken fillet with bacon burger. Again, nicely cooked, not chewy and quite filling, hubby was happy with his breakfast.

The staff on site this particular morning did a noteworthy job. All were on the ball, especially given the two front of house staff were trying to keep up with orders, drinks and meal delivery, in an expansive restaurant. Both did it professionally, with a smile, like a well oiled machine. Impressive.

It’s not often you come across professional staff members who can track all their customers and ensure no-one misses out on their orders. The speed of the drink delivery was definitely up there. Meals, were within 20 minutes, which again, was well done considering the number of customers on site.

Thank you, we are very keen to come back for a lunch and some of those enticing cocktails sometime! See you then! In the meantime, highly recommend checking out this venue.

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Cake My Day by Jo

We recently had the opportunity to employ Jo’s creative services for a family engagement.

Jo has an incredible dedication to her craft and from the outset, not only was her enthusiasm inspiring, but her professionalism shone through during the entire process.

Our cake was designed to the specifications we required, with the finished product containing all the elements requested, put together in such a way, the final creation was eye-catching!

Jo’s passion shines through with the instructions for transporting your cake if you are collecting yourself. From the time you arrive to collect the cake, to loading in your transport, Jo is on hand to give recommendations and advice. You can tell Jo adores her work, and is proud of each of her handmade creations.

I would highly recommend engaging Jo’s services, we certainly were not disappointed and would most certainly use her again in the future!

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