Suzanne Manson, Travel Writer, Photographer, Business Consultant

My background includes hospitality management, wine/viticulture, farming and administration.

With a passion for dining out, cruising, travelling or just finding somewhere to enjoy a relaxing drink, I’ve developed many platforms from which to share those wonderful experiences and memories. Providing others the inspiration to visit stunning, interesting places, or to simply enjoy reading and viewing photos.

I believe in balancing a negative review with something positive. Surely it can’t all be bad.

Photos are my own, from my iPhone or NikonD3200.

Follow Dine Live Travel on Instagram or Facebook/dinelivetravel.  You can find my Steller stories Steller- Dine Live Travel.   Also using Snapchat, Pinterest and Linkden too.

You never know where Dine Live Travel will be, We prefer to visit businesses anonymously to gain a more accurate overall impression. However a full list of services is available on request.

Contact Dine Live Travel via Facebook page message, comment on blog/Instagram/Steller, or email dinelivetravel@yahoo.com.au for any business requests.

Full in-depth reports are available after we have visited your business. Email dinelivetravel@yahoo.com.au for pricing.

All content remains the property of Dine Live Travel without prior consultation and agreement by Dine Live Travel.


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