Che Asado & Bar – Southbank Brisbane

  Sunday breakfast Argentinian style.  On this particular Sunday morning, we headed towards the Southbank  precinct in Brisbane..  Here we chose Che Asado for breakfast.  After all, who could resist the enthusiastic young staff member, offering us a table and coffee, as we stopped to check the menu.

A simple breakfast menu, which still contained an array of choice, leaving you pondering as to the best dish to try.   Hot drinks were ordered first, with hubby choosing to try the creamy Argentinian hot chocolate as suggested by the attentive young lady serving our table.   

As a side note, I loved the look of the copper jugs used to fill the water glasses. The stitching on the covers around the sugar containers on the table, both were part of quirky little details within an overall modern setting.

I personally was happy to discover loose leaf tea on the menu, as opposed to tea bags.   Something to be honest, I do enjoy, as a lot of places we visit focus on coffee and stick to tea bags for those who enjoy tea rather than coffee.   Loose leaf tea is a winner in my book. Hubby chose the Pork Belly El Benedicto above, with an added side of hash browns.   No problem with this meal, it was a definite hit with him.   In saying that, so was the creamy hot chocolate hubby was talked into trying.  Not only creamy, it was also apparently hot.    Well appreciated on a cool morning. This delightful Omelet Gramajo above was my choice., along with a side of mushrooms.    To be fair, this was definitely one of the best omelettes I have eaten.   Most enjoyable.

There is definitely plenty of choice in the Southbank area, so be sure not to give this place a miss, it is definitely worth stopping at.   Judging by the flyers advertising the activities at Che Asado, it would not matter which day or time you decided to stop by.   Thinking we will be heading back to check some of these out…… Buen Apetito! 

Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse, Eagle St Pier, Brisbane

With the winter wind biting, on what was otherwise a gorgeous winters day in Brisbabe, we were off to Kingsleys to celebrate a birthday with a long lunch. Seated outside, beneath the wonderfully warm umbrella heaters, we enjoyed a view of activities taking place on the Brisbane River.

Staff were friendly, very helpful, with a good sense of humour and more than willing to offer advice or information.  Changing the booking to suit the actual number of guests at the table, was not a problem at all.

The wine list here is extensive, with a very good selection of wine to tempt any wine conossiour, or simply those who enjoy a glass or two of wine, cocktails beer & spirits.    With crab & steak featuring for this restaurant, menu choices are tantalising.  After giving the menu due consideration, it was time to sit back relax and drink in the view.

 Complimentary bread was delivered to the table, prior to the arrival of the entrees.  Having chosen the Alaskan king crab oysters, we were interested to see how the dish presented.  It most certainly did not disappoint.  Not only were these oysters beautifully fresh, the king crab topping, delicately decorating each oyster, was devine.

In keeping with the seafood theme, I enjoyed some of the best mussels, I have ever eaten.   Now that is a compliment, given the amount of time spent around the Matlborough Sounds in previous years, which are dotted with neat rows of green lipped mussel farms.  Alaskan King Crab leg entrees were enjoyed as well.  Quite simply, the seafood was superb.

Taking our time to chat and enjoy the afternoon, we had a good break between entrees and mains.  Always nice to be able to savour meals, rather than feeling rushed through.

After choosing the Ribeye Scotch Fillet, (topped with Alaskan crab of course), my next question was which wine would pair with the main.

Following the staff’s selection, I requested a tasting sample of the Pepperjack Shiraz, which I was told had been specifically chosen to pair with this steak.  As for me personally, a limited number of Shiraz’s appeal to my palate, the opportunity to taste first, was definitely appreciated.  Thank you for granting this results, so quickly and easily.  Sides were more than sufficient to cover all guests.   My main choice, pictured above looked very tempting.  Those Alaskan crab pieces topping the steak, were a great accompaniment to the meal.  Whilst ordering the steak, I had taken up the staff suggestion for how the chefs preferred to cook the steak.  To be honest, for me the charred outside was fantastic, pairing beautifully with the Shiraz.  However, I think I would have preferred to stick with my usual choice of rare.  That however, is not a criticism, simply a personal preference.  This was overall a great meal choice.

How does one finish a meal on a beautiful day like today?  Why with dessert of course.   Pictured above is hubby’s choice.   This dish certainly delighted hubby, who would loves bread & butter pudding., especially dripping in white chocolate as this one was!  

 Two of the other desserts enjoyed were the vanilla bean brûlée above and the mixed berry frangipane (1st photo above).   Both an absolutely devine way to finish of a wonderful meal, paired with a enjoyable afternoon.

Looking forward to returning to Kingsleys sometime to explore more of the delights contained within the menu…..and enjoy the company of those friendly staff members. 👍

Suzi Cafe, Chermside, Brisbane

 Advertising ‘A taste of the Mediterranean’, our choice for a recent Sunday breakfast was Scuzi at Chermside.

With a massive floor area, including indoor and outdoor seating, there were plenty of tables to choose from on this wet winter Sunday.  Especially at opening time, as it appeared most people hadn’t yet surfaced from their warm beds.

Plenty to choose from on the menu with the added bonus of bright, perky staff.   Some of the more bleary eyed looking customers even brightened a little with the bright greetings from the staff.  My choice of the Mediterranean Omlette was a good one.  Light, fluffy, oozing a filling with olives, feta and tomatoes,, topped with avocado.  A wonderful kick start to the day.

 Canadian pancakes were another breakfast choice at our table.  For those who like mixture of sweet and savoury, the bacon & eggs combination, teamed with pancakes and maple syrup, will be right up your alley. 

The menu and the setting here, have something for everyone.   Pricing is average to a little higher than average,  with the food nicely cooked and presented.  

Before you take a wander through the big Chermside shopping centre, or if you’re looking to refuel after a shopping expedition, this cafe would be a good choice for either a coffee or a full meal.

Restaurant Lurleen’s – Sirromet Winery

  Would you like to have Sunday Breakfast at a winery?  Umm do you really think I’m going to say no???

I could leave you in suspense as to my answer, however the photo above most probably gives the answer away.   Therefore, we were off to Sirromet Winery for breakfast, on a recent Sunday morning.

Stunning vistas in every direction, before you even enter the winery.   The entire setting exudes, tranquility, peacefulness and privacy.    This is going to be a great day.  The Sunday Breakfast menu offered up a choice of delicious dishes to trial.   Oh yes and there was a wine list.   Oh why not, how often do we enjoy bubbles for breakfast 😄. 

My choice  today was the Grilled Portebello Mushrooms.   Beautifully presented, with some of the largest, most juicy field mushrooms I have ever tasted.  Pairing fabulously with the goats curd and rocket, most definitely a winner for me.

Both of our male counterparts settled on the Once in a Lifetime breakfast.  Talked up on the menu as a seafood breakfast to outweigh all breakfasts, both were salivating at the mere thought of the delights to come.  

Half a lobster, smoked salmon, truffles, caviar, described as a most decadent dish all round.   To be fair, they both loved the dish,  although perhaps lacking on presentation, the contents were not disappointing.   Both were happy, however did comment that they had expected a breakfast dish valued at close to $50 to perhaps be a double tier or outstanding on presentation.  I think they thought it would be a bit more distinguished compared to the other dishes.

Overall this lingering Sunday breakfast was most enjoyable.  We will be back to enjoy those fabulous views, the extensive choice of wines, and of course, the beautiful fresh foods.  Service here was impeccable too.    Next time, I intend on trialling the Cellar Door.