Breakfast Creek Hotel – Spanish Garden Restaurant

Let’s back track slightly to the sights we saw on the trip to this family dinner. Most of the time, as you’re driving along, you notice some of the activities, happening in the other vehicles around you. Today, for some obscure reason, was a drive full of free entertainment.

A people mover blatantly driving down the road, not a number plate in sight. Didn’t seem to bother the driver! Many other amusing sights in nearby vehicles, but the best was definitely the young lady who jumped into her vehicle, reversed back on the car park, before driving forward straight into the back bumper of a police van. We figured that probably ruined her day!

Feeling well entertained and hungry, we arrived at Brekky Creek. Tonight was to be a small family dinner to celebrate an engagement. A little early, we ducked unto the the rum bar (Sub Station no 41), for a pre dinner drink. Seated near a wall of rum, from around the world, we enjoyed a quiet drink. Surrounded by huge stone and exposed brick walls, topped by huge windows, whilst seated on a high lounge or stools, you do feel a very small inside this huge castle style area.

Time for dinner. A short walk back through the busy bar areas brought us back to the Spanish Garden Restaurant. Beef is a main part of the menu here, just not this one…

Designed as a Spanish style Restaurant, the area inside is huge, a long main seating area with private alcoves and other areas scattered around. White washed walls, numerous arches, stone floors, with a big beef display unit, all help to enhance the Spanish experience.

Staff were pleasant, helpful and happy to interact. The only entree tonight was a nice cheese garlic bread for the table. Complimentary large, beautifully soft rolls, were delivered before the mains arrived. The arrival of the huge, nicely designed meals, presented a challenge to everyone.


Char grilled steak with calamari, was my choice, accompanied by Idaho potato and coleslaw. This steak was thick, tender, partnering well with the side bowl of large calamari rings. A most enjoyable meal all round.

The first meal pictured was The Creek dish, including Moreton bay bug, scallops and steak. This I am told, was also a tasty meal, which hubby did come close to finishing. Closer than most of us!


Even with a struggle to the finish line, there’s still that feeling of needing to finish with a sweet dish. The mocha choc chip cheesecake was a popular choice for our table, whilst I chose the berry meringue. Mine was certainly as delicious as it looks in the photo above. I have it on good authority, as well as the evidence of clean dessert plates, that the cheesecake was a winner.

A good reliable restaurant if you’re seeking the Spanish style or after big meals. Rum lovers will certainly enjoy a visit to the caverns of Sub Station no 21.

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