Time for a cuppa. Wooden fences, hedges, pots overflowing flowers, all give the country feel to this little cafe on Brisbane’s Northside.

Plastic roller blinds were rolled down to keep out the last chills of the winter breeze. Yet somehow, this in no way impeded upon the country feel of this cafe.

Umbrellas adorned the lawn outside, providing shelter from the sun’s rays. Quite relaxing. Inside was a little different, small and very noisy. However the wide verandah provided a haven from the noise inside, and the slight bite of the winter breeze.

Once you settle into a table, it’s hard to believe you are right next to the busy Beams Road. The planting surrounding the cafe, helps to block out the traffic noise. All in all, it’s quite a pleasant little place to visit.

Food was very good for a cafe, coffee maybe not so much as hubby declared his latte tasted a bit burnt. Maybe just an overheating of the milk for that cup.

Fruit toast and green tea was most certainly a good combination.

One thing I did notice at this cafe, and I would have to say that having managed a restaurant in the past, this is something I do notice, the staff were constantly clearing and cleaning tables. So often we go to cafes where tables are left stacked full of dirty used crockery & cutlery. Not here. Someone has trained these staff well. They were unobtrusive, yet regularly made passes through the cafe to clear as necessary.

Menu was ok with a reasonable amount of choice available, and average prices.

To be honest, you could easily wile away an hour or two here, location wise close to shopping centres, yet just enough apart from one to give you the country relaxed feel. Rather nice.

Check it out sometime. I think it’s worth a look.

Prive’249 – Degustation Menu

Tucked behind the Thyme2 Restaurant in the Sofitel Brisbane, is another fabulous restaurant. Quite the hidden little secret for fine dining.

Find the name of Prive’249 inscribed on the floor with light, and you are heading in the right direction. Once through the doors, you immediately notice the hush, particularly after the clatter of plates, cutlery and crescendo of voices you have just walked past. This is a gorgeous, evening, fine dining setting.

The rectangular glass encased, carpeted room, is lit with subdued lighting and candlelight which complement the coloured lights of Central Brisbane, clearly visible through the oversized city facing windows.

Upon entry you are greeted before being seated at your allocated table. On this occasion, we were next to the window facing the city, overseen by the clock tower, which rose above the roof tops around us.

The glint of gold and silver cutlery hints at the gastronomic delights ahead. Tonight we chose the $115 6 course degustation menu. After enjoying the complimentary chefs gift which was a delightful salmon dish, the first course arrived. This creamy, velvety soup was presented without the chestnut soup base. However this was poured around the dressed pear, which sat proudly in the middle of the plate, once the dish was delivered to the table.

The combination of pear and chestnut is superb. To start with, hubby was somewhat horrified when he thought his first course was a pear! You can imagine his relief when the chestnut soup base was poured around the dish.

Second course was this warm pork belly, served with watermelon, pickled red onion and cashew butter. Beautiful presentation of this appetiser coupled with a fabulous taste, as the tender pork with popping candy gently exploded in the mouth, oh wow, an absolutely divine dish!

Next was the barramundi dish with a crunchy, crisp skin and yellow squash. Superb.

Frozen in thyme, the palate cleanser pictured above. Again presentation left you feeling slightly guilty at having to dip your cutlery into this frozen topped dish. An exquisite little winner.

Wagyu beef fillet followed, a delightfully tender course, married perfectly with vegetables and a creamy mash. The chances now of fitting in a dessert are slim to middling, but sometimes you have to take one for the team. Trust me , You just do 🙂 .

Chocolate cake. Not just any chocolate cake but an elegant, chocolate cake, not sweet, presented with beautiful juicy berries. A totally devine finish to end this degustation menu.

I did opt to go with the wine matching for each course, which tonight was an excellent choice given the wines matched the dishes beautifully. Even the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc wine, which to be honest is one I avoid. I’m a straight Sauvignon Blanc fan, not that keen on the sweeter Semillon mix. But, who could resist a coaster like this….Bling!!!

The service throughout was impeccable. Every dish and wine was explained, staff were happy to be discreet or interact, whatever happened to be your preference. It was with a full belly and somewhat heavy heart we had to leave at the end of the evening. Why the heavy heart? Well we are long time devotees of our favourite fine dining restaurant, Salt Grill. Sorry Luke, once this year we had a lunch at a place which came close, but on this occasion, we have found a fine dining restaurant which equals, and in parts, betters our favourite. Another note, the menu changes here every three or so months. Fantastic!

Anyone looking for a special , exclusive fine dining restaurant, I would highly recommend you try Prive’249. We will definitely be back, it might not be for awhile, but we shall return!

Sofitel- Brisbane

You definitely have my attention! This has to be the best apology we have ever received. A couple of weeks ago we stayed here for a mini holiday for a private celebration. We could not fault the staff, the food, the biggest most comfortable mattress ever slept upon, everything was top class. One little hitch was a bunch of serenading hens party attendees in the middle of the night. To be fair, Management and Security did quickly attend, which, although favourable to us, apparently did not delight the young ladies in question who felt it necessary to voice their disapproval at a higher decibel rate than than their screaming…oops sorry serenading. Luckily we were in a room close to this delightful group thus enabling us to hear every piece of colourful conversation with the somewhat unfortunate staff sent to deal with the situation, who were simply doing their job.

Today, we have returned at the invitation of Management, who have provided us with a complimentary executive room, including the Club Sofitel access we enjoyed on the last visit. None of this was expected by us, however, this to me does show how dedicated the Sofitel is to providing the ultimate in customer service. Now as a side note, at no time did we jump up and down demanding compensation, we did say it was a shame our sleep was disturbed on this special occasion, when everything else at this establishment had been superb. Nor did we expect, or request, any type of compensation. You can therefore imagine our stunned surprise when we were offered this. Our thoughts, why not take advantage of this generous offer and recreate the relaxing, enjoyable stay we had hoped for.

Now there are chocolate strawberries and then there are, well these gold dusted little gems who tasted just as good as they looked. Absolutely delightful. Any strawberry would be proud to end up dressed like this, I’m sure!

The bed, yes I have to tell you about these beds on the executive floors, the mattress is about the same thickness as the base upon which it rests. Absolutely awesome!

With access to the executive lounge included, we were able to enjoy the benefits, along with the views from the lounge, located on the 30th floor. All day you can enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, juices and nibbles which included club sandwiches for part of the afternoon. From 5.30pm for a couple of hours, the all inclusive free flowing wine, drinks and canapés are yours to be enjoyed. As you partake if your canapés and drinks, you are treated to a fantastic view, either over the city, or on the other side of the lounge, an uninterrupted vista which includes the Glasshouse Mountains.

A superb spot for watching the sun as it slides down behind the distant hills.

Also included in your executive package is a free flowing champagne breakfast in the lounge. Hot, cold, fruits, cereals, pancakes, you would be very hard pressed not to find something to your liking! The tea and coffee selection is broad ranging and of a high quality, plus it’s available all day.

If you are considering a stay in Brisbane or simply looking for a luxury mini break, you really should consider a stay in the executive suites at the Sofitel. With all the inclusions taken into consideration, plus the added bonus of being in the heart of Brisbane, it may be good value to you.

The service at this hotel is impeccable. Reception, Concierge, Cleaners, Restaurant staff, everyone is here to ensure your stay is relaxing and enjoyable. Be sure to ask the staff how they are. When we arrived to check in, we were greeted in reception and asked how our day was. We were the first people that day to ask our staff member how his day was. It doesn’t take much to be polite. The staff are, they are here doing their job, why not make their day a little brighter and more enjoyable.

Enjoy your stay!

Breakfast Creek Hotel – Spanish Garden Restaurant

Let’s back track slightly to the sights we saw on the trip to this family dinner. Most of the time, as you’re driving along, you notice some of the activities, happening in the other vehicles around you. Today, for some obscure reason, was a drive full of free entertainment.

A people mover blatantly driving down the road, not a number plate in sight. Didn’t seem to bother the driver! Many other amusing sights in nearby vehicles, but the best was definitely the young lady who jumped into her vehicle, reversed back on the car park, before driving forward straight into the back bumper of a police van. We figured that probably ruined her day!

Feeling well entertained and hungry, we arrived at Brekky Creek. Tonight was to be a small family dinner to celebrate an engagement. A little early, we ducked unto the the rum bar (Sub Station no 41), for a pre dinner drink. Seated near a wall of rum, from around the world, we enjoyed a quiet drink. Surrounded by huge stone and exposed brick walls, topped by huge windows, whilst seated on a high lounge or stools, you do feel a very small inside this huge castle style area.

Time for dinner. A short walk back through the busy bar areas brought us back to the Spanish Garden Restaurant. Beef is a main part of the menu here, just not this one…

Designed as a Spanish style Restaurant, the area inside is huge, a long main seating area with private alcoves and other areas scattered around. White washed walls, numerous arches, stone floors, with a big beef display unit, all help to enhance the Spanish experience.

Staff were pleasant, helpful and happy to interact. The only entree tonight was a nice cheese garlic bread for the table. Complimentary large, beautifully soft rolls, were delivered before the mains arrived. The arrival of the huge, nicely designed meals, presented a challenge to everyone.


Char grilled steak with calamari, was my choice, accompanied by Idaho potato and coleslaw. This steak was thick, tender, partnering well with the side bowl of large calamari rings. A most enjoyable meal all round.

The first meal pictured was The Creek dish, including Moreton bay bug, scallops and steak. This I am told, was also a tasty meal, which hubby did come close to finishing. Closer than most of us!


Even with a struggle to the finish line, there’s still that feeling of needing to finish with a sweet dish. The mocha choc chip cheesecake was a popular choice for our table, whilst I chose the berry meringue. Mine was certainly as delicious as it looks in the photo above. I have it on good authority, as well as the evidence of clean dessert plates, that the cheesecake was a winner.

A good reliable restaurant if you’re seeking the Spanish style or after big meals. Rum lovers will certainly enjoy a visit to the caverns of Sub Station no 21.

MythBusters- Behind the Myths Tour

“Failure is always an option”. Adam Savage’s quote, given to his crew, embroidered on caps, as Christmas gifts, has become a MythBusters war cry. The variety contained within their TV series has been extensive, to say the least.

These guys have tested many myths from putting a bull in a china shop (not a real china shop), to trying to work out escape methods from a drowning car, blowing up machinery, even exploding pants, and making a balloon out of lead. Their fan base ranges from wide eyed children through to the more mature kids who cackle delightedly at antics of the MythBusters, all secretly wishing they could have a crack at one, just one experiment. I am quite sure the instruction of “don’t try this at home”, actually interprets as ” don’t’ you wish you could do this..? “. Each time Jamie or Adam issue this instruction, I see a gleam in my husbands eye as he muses over a way he can do it..’s just the getting away with it part that stumps him…….

Jamie Hyneman, sporting his trademark handle bar moustache and beret, stood firmly on the stage. His mainly monotone voice, is synonymous with this show . Adam has compared him to a walrus on a couple occasions, even showing side by side clips of a walrus and Jamie swimming, with a lot of similarity! Adam is the outgoing, excitable half of the duo. Talking with his hands while Jamie maintains his solid position.

Jamie, reveals during the show, he was the one chosen to do this series. His feeling was he would be boring, causing people to tune out, so he decided to think about who he knew, that he could work with, and had a personality. Adam was his choice. Together they make up the iconic, original Mythbusters team.

As stated by Jamie, ” That’s what we do on Mythbusters, we blow crap up.”

Beneath the frivolity, big bangs, explosions, hilarity and inflicting pain on each other, lies a woven mat of science . Not only do the Mythbusters bust the myths we have all wondered about, they teach the world science through their sometimes outrageous experiments. But they still enjoy blowing things up, with some pretty spectacular bangs, including exploding a concrete truck.

During the show, the subwoofers were turned up to maximum to create the bass for their clip on explosions and big bangs. Bodies shook involuntarily, eardrums bounced, walls waved, and I’m sure some show patrons even bit their tongues! All this from the big booms travelling throughout the theatre. We had now established the subwoofers worked!

This group of intrepid fellows, were the first volunteers onto the stage. Something they probably should have regretted, if it weren’t for the excitement of being on stage with their idols. These four started sitting on chairs before lying back onto each other’s knees. The chairs were removed and waving like a conductor, Adam orchestrated the moves of the interlocked group to walk sideways and even start to turn in a circle. The relief upon the volunteers faces when they were allowed to collapse, was very evident!

The combination of hilarity, dryness, science and opposing personalities, drew all of the audience in. Jamie’s monotone is somehow mesmerising, and the entire show was definitely a hit.

Volunteers were eager to be called onto the stage to participate, others were disappointed that the waivers they grasped at the end if their extended arms whenever volunteers were requested, didn’t earn them a free pass to the stage. Even those who didn’t make the stage, still thoroughly enjoyed the show.

In true MythBuster style, the show wound up with a bang. As they were not permitted to blow things up in the convention centre, Jamie & Adam resorted to paintball. One poor guy was clad in the iron suit used by the MythBusters when they tested shark theories. A huge screen was wheeled out in front of the stage to protect the audience, with the knight in shining armour, taking his position in the middle.

Adam brandished a massive paintball gun, firing off a couple of shots. Not to be outdone, Jamie disappeared off stage, returning with a massive multi barrelled machine gun on wheels. With an evil laugh he demonstrated the pure power and speed of the paintball machine to the expectant audience. His demonstration was well received and heavily applauded. The light from the gleams in the eyes of this more mature kids, lit up the area. I think I would also be correct in saying, 99% of those in the audience, gasped, cackled and stated ‘I want one!!!” I know my more mature kid, in the shape of my husband did!

All in all a fabulous show. Maybe the reception received in Australia will encourage a return trip. After all, the idea for the show, and the production of all MythBuster Shows, originates in Australia, even though they are filmed in America. A neat fact shared by Jamie which not many people seemed to know.

Happy MythBusting people, enjoy those shows, whilst everyone dreams of owing one of these……


CuvĂ©e Lounge – Sofitel Brisbane

Champagne, whiskey teamed with an enticing menu. All within a French themed setting. Nice.

Louis Bouillet was the champagne of choice, whilst hubby decided to take a flight.

This flight was 3 Bulleit Bourbon varieties, (Bulleit, Bulleit Rye, Bulliet 10yo). Combined with the three beautifully presented mini tasting plates of beef, hubby set off on his flight. I’m told this cluster of glasses and mini plates, made for a comfortable, tasty and very relaxing flight! At $35, it certainly seemed good value and was certainly enjoyed by the recipient as he savoured the birthday drinks.

The Cuvée Platter was the ideal accompaniment to the champagne & whiskey. Around the lounge area, a few of these platters appeared as groups and couples chilled out with their chosen beverage. An ideal platter for nibbling away at, whilst sipping our way through Bubbles & Bulliet.

The atmosphere here is comfortable, with a choice of relaxing lounge settings or high bar style tables and stools. Plenty of room around, with the added bonus of not being a noisy area. So comfortable in fact, that hubby was having trouble staying awake, with the good food and whiskey sending him into a state of relaxation.

Staff, fantastic. Nothing was too much of a bother, very informative, polite, discreet, yet still capable of engaging in a conversation to make you feel like an individual and not just another customer through the door.

This was to be a mini-break for the weekend, to both celebrate hubby’s birthday and take a brief escape from reality.

So far it was looking like being a fantastic break. You will hear about the accommodations next…..keep an eye on this blog,, http://www.facebook/dinelivetravel .com, or follow Dine Live Travel on Instagram.

If you’re looking for that extra little bit of style, perhaps a little bit of France in Brisbane, or just something a little special, try the CuvĂ©e Lounge. You too could take a flight, maybe a flight through wine or champagne !