Northshore Harbour

Gurgle, gurgle! Have you seen the lovely gurgle jugs for use and on sale here? Quite clever and a nice way to have water delivered to your table. We recently visited the venue located on the Brisbane river just past the new Eat Street Markets and Portside.

We do like this cafe location, with big wide windows and rolling lawn overlooking the River. Some outdoor dining and some indoor, overall plenty of space. The day we visited, there were a few big groups inside which made it a bit noisy with the echoing expanse of the building. Still however we do enjoy the venue overall.

Staff were friendly, attentive and everything ordered was delivered in a timely manner, certainly no issues there.

Today we were visiting for brunch.

Hubbys choice was a breakfast burger, nice he said but not as large a meal as he expected, mind you Hubby does like his big meals! Simple presentation, fresh well cooked food, and in his words, nice meal.

I enjoyed the breakfast stack, for me more than adequate in size, everything fresh and quite a filling meal overall.

Another small thing I enjoyed here, real tea. Not often you are served real tea, not just tea bags. With so much focus on coffee presentation, tea is still not a priority. As a non coffee drinker plus herbal tea being my first choice, I always notice the tea. Especially when you can have two or three cups from the one pot.

Stop by and check out this venue. There’s a lot to see here with the ferry stopping in and the activity of the river. Sit back, chill out and enjoy!

Max Brenner – Portside, Brisbane

Chocolate, by the Bald Man. Chocolate everything, even pizza. Probably not the place to go if you don’t eat chocolate. Although, should you enjoy partaking in the odd chocolate overindulgence …….

…..Then this is the place to go. Your menu choices are seemingly endless. Pictured above is the Praline Meringue Puff Extravaganza, filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with caramelised pecans and strawberries. Very decadent, highly un-necessary, yet it is a must try for those who enjoy pavlova and chocolate.

I could not follow this through with a chocolate milkshake, choctail or icy shake. Luckily for me, there was a refreshing herbal tea menu available. From this, I chose and enjoyed, the perfect accompaniment to my indulgent dessert.

The tea certainly helped to wash the dessert down. This praline, was as good as it looked. Perhaps lacking a few dollops of cream to finish, otherwise, a most enjoyable, struggle to the finish line, treat.

Hubby’s choice was the I-Scream-Max-Wich. Two OMG double choc cookies, sandwiched together with vanilla ice cream and accompanied by a pot of melted chocolate as well as a pot of sprinkles, allowing you creatively finish your dessert design.

Very rich, as well as being on the top end of the overindulgent scale, this dessert wasn’t finished……although that was not due to the lack of trying on hubby’s behalf!

Plenty of seating within the restaurant, tantalising treats on display, a menu which reads like a novel, finished with a shop area, giving you the opportunity to purchase and take home a little extra decadence. Pretty much all you need for that special occasional treat.

Treat yourself sometime, just go easy on the chocolate overload!