Restaurant Lurleen’s – Sirromet Winery

  Would you like to have Sunday Breakfast at a winery?  Umm do you really think I’m going to say no???

I could leave you in suspense as to my answer, however the photo above most probably gives the answer away.   Therefore, we were off to Sirromet Winery for breakfast, on a recent Sunday morning.

Stunning vistas in every direction, before you even enter the winery.   The entire setting exudes, tranquility, peacefulness and privacy.    This is going to be a great day.  The Sunday Breakfast menu offered up a choice of delicious dishes to trial.   Oh yes and there was a wine list.   Oh why not, how often do we enjoy bubbles for breakfast 😄. 

My choice  today was the Grilled Portebello Mushrooms.   Beautifully presented, with some of the largest, most juicy field mushrooms I have ever tasted.  Pairing fabulously with the goats curd and rocket, most definitely a winner for me.

Both of our male counterparts settled on the Once in a Lifetime breakfast.  Talked up on the menu as a seafood breakfast to outweigh all breakfasts, both were salivating at the mere thought of the delights to come.  

Half a lobster, smoked salmon, truffles, caviar, described as a most decadent dish all round.   To be fair, they both loved the dish,  although perhaps lacking on presentation, the contents were not disappointing.   Both were happy, however did comment that they had expected a breakfast dish valued at close to $50 to perhaps be a double tier or outstanding on presentation.  I think they thought it would be a bit more distinguished compared to the other dishes.

Overall this lingering Sunday breakfast was most enjoyable.  We will be back to enjoy those fabulous views, the extensive choice of wines, and of course, the beautiful fresh foods.  Service here was impeccable too.    Next time, I intend on trialling the Cellar Door.

2 comments on “Restaurant Lurleen’s – Sirromet Winery

  1. Where is the Winery. Or did I miss it in my hurry to get down to the photos to see what you had chosen. Meals look delicious and the scenery and photos outstanding.

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    • Oh yes meals were delicious and the scenery is stunning which certainly helps with photos. It’s between Gold Coast & Brisbane on the coast side of the highway- Mt Cotton. Nice drive. Roughly half an hour from the Gateway Bridge


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