Suzi Cafe, Chermside, Brisbane

 Advertising ‘A taste of the Mediterranean’, our choice for a recent Sunday breakfast was Scuzi at Chermside.

With a massive floor area, including indoor and outdoor seating, there were plenty of tables to choose from on this wet winter Sunday.  Especially at opening time, as it appeared most people hadn’t yet surfaced from their warm beds.

Plenty to choose from on the menu with the added bonus of bright, perky staff.   Some of the more bleary eyed looking customers even brightened a little with the bright greetings from the staff.  My choice of the Mediterranean Omlette was a good one.  Light, fluffy, oozing a filling with olives, feta and tomatoes,, topped with avocado.  A wonderful kick start to the day.

 Canadian pancakes were another breakfast choice at our table.  For those who like mixture of sweet and savoury, the bacon & eggs combination, teamed with pancakes and maple syrup, will be right up your alley. 

The menu and the setting here, have something for everyone.   Pricing is average to a little higher than average,  with the food nicely cooked and presented.  

Before you take a wander through the big Chermside shopping centre, or if you’re looking to refuel after a shopping expedition, this cafe would be a good choice for either a coffee or a full meal.