Che Asado & Bar – Southbank Brisbane

  Sunday breakfast Argentinian style.  On this particular Sunday morning, we headed towards the Southbank  precinct in Brisbane..  Here we chose Che Asado for breakfast.  After all, who could resist the enthusiastic young staff member, offering us a table and coffee, as we stopped to check the menu.

A simple breakfast menu, which still contained an array of choice, leaving you pondering as to the best dish to try.   Hot drinks were ordered first, with hubby choosing to try the creamy Argentinian hot chocolate as suggested by the attentive young lady serving our table.   

As a side note, I loved the look of the copper jugs used to fill the water glasses. The stitching on the covers around the sugar containers on the table, both were part of quirky little details within an overall modern setting.

I personally was happy to discover loose leaf tea on the menu, as opposed to tea bags.   Something to be honest, I do enjoy, as a lot of places we visit focus on coffee and stick to tea bags for those who enjoy tea rather than coffee.   Loose leaf tea is a winner in my book. Hubby chose the Pork Belly El Benedicto above, with an added side of hash browns.   No problem with this meal, it was a definite hit with him.   In saying that, so was the creamy hot chocolate hubby was talked into trying.  Not only creamy, it was also apparently hot.    Well appreciated on a cool morning. This delightful Omelet Gramajo above was my choice., along with a side of mushrooms.    To be fair, this was definitely one of the best omelettes I have eaten.   Most enjoyable.

There is definitely plenty of choice in the Southbank area, so be sure not to give this place a miss, it is definitely worth stopping at.   Judging by the flyers advertising the activities at Che Asado, it would not matter which day or time you decided to stop by.   Thinking we will be heading back to check some of these out…… Buen Apetito! 

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