Jagz of Village Green, Invercargill NZ

Now that is a hot chocolate! After a big night the night before, followed by a decent sleep, we found our way to Jagz of Village Green, for a Sunday Brunch on a rather cold Southland morning.

First impressions are really good with plenty of seating areas, reasonably spaced tables set amongst clean inviting surroundings. The breakfast menu looked intriguing. Service was friendly, without too much of a wait.

I chose the hot smoked salmon, which sounded appealing. Very good choice on my part, this was a delicious, warming breakfast. The beautifully soft salmon fell apart easily.

All the meals were fresh, rather tasty and reasonably priced. I must admit to being a little envious of a table in the corner, enjoying a wine with brunch. Now that would have been a fantastic idea, if one had not overindulged, just slightly, the night prior 😄.

Take the time to enjoy your meal here, there’s plenty of reason to linger!Maybe your choice will be the tantalising, full omelette below…


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