Jagz of Village Green, Invercargill NZ

Now that is a hot chocolate! After a big night the night before, followed by a decent sleep, we found our way to Jagz of Village Green, for a Sunday Brunch on a rather cold Southland morning.

First impressions are really good with plenty of seating areas, reasonably spaced tables set amongst clean inviting surroundings. The breakfast menu looked intriguing. Service was friendly, without too much of a wait.

I chose the hot smoked salmon, which sounded appealing. Very good choice on my part, this was a delicious, warming breakfast. The beautifully soft salmon fell apart easily.

All the meals were fresh, rather tasty and reasonably priced. I must admit to being a little envious of a table in the corner, enjoying a wine with brunch. Now that would have been a fantastic idea, if one had not overindulged, just slightly, the night prior 😄.

Take the time to enjoy your meal here, there’s plenty of reason to linger!Maybe your choice will be the tantalising, full omelette below…


Lands End, Bluff, New Zealand

Located at the end of the South Island, New Zealand, you will find the Lands End Bed & Breakfast which contains Bistro 46. Overlooking the start of the anchor chain, as well as the famous sign which points out the distances to other cities in the world, the warmth of this fabulously friendly cafe, will draw you inside.

The only land lying between you and the huge ice continent of Antarctica, is the tiny Stewart Island. Also known as the anchor to the South Island, in the native Maori folklore.

Most likely you may find the weather a little cooler than you are used to, depending on where you have travelled from. For us, coming from a humid 38 degrees in Brisbane, we did find it somewhat cold – in December! However, the inviting exterior of Lands End, drew us in for breakfast. Aaah the warmth!

From the time we walked across the Carpark, to the time we reluctantly left, the service was outstanding. Genuine, down to earth friendly service. Food is fresh, so fresh it gives the impression of having been collected once you ordered. Hubby had spotted the whitebait on the lunch menu and enquired if there was any chance he could have whitebait for breakfast, no salad. The friendly staff did not consider this an inconvenience at all. Fries were offered and accepted.

Not only was hubby revealing in his whitebait, the caramel latte he ordered was the best he had ever had. Hands down this caramel latte has topped the list on his private quest to find the best caramel latte. Here it was, at Lands End.

With the location at the end of the road, you cannot drive by or miss Lands End. Take the time to enjoy a coffee, if you’re not after a meal, it will be worth it plus gives your more time to take in the surroundings.