Drive Something Nice – Rental Car Hire Christchurch

If you’re heading to NZ and looking to hire a car, this company offered the best deal for us, that I could find, after a lot of research on my part! Based in Christchurch and Auckland, with a drop off/pick up depot now added in Queenstown, they offered the opportunity to drive a nice comfortable vehicle, along the lines of Mercedes or BMW. Not only this, their prices were very reasonable. The only hitch they advertised, the vehicles would be older, not new style.

Booking early in the year for a December pick up, we checked the website for the biggest engine capacity available. With a reasonable length road trip, over varied roads, plus being big car owners, we wanted something to suit our taste. To be able to secure a V8 BMW X5 for a similar price as other companies wanted for Falcons and Commodores, was a bonus for us.
Not only were Drive Something Nice easy to deal with, from the very first email enquiry, their service to drop off and pick up the vehicle was excellent.

The BMW above was delivered to our airport hotel at 9.30am in the morning as agreed. Paperwork was easily completed, and after a checkoff of the vehicles current, bumps, and a quick run down on the vehicle, we were packed and headed on the road.

No complaints from us, this vehicle was tidy, well maintained and a comfortable ride. Yes some things were showing a bit of wear and tear, however, nothing which affected the way the vehicle drove or the comfort within.

Upon our return to Christchurch, we rang the number we had been given, once we estimated we’d be about an hour away from the airport. As this particular day was a public holiday, this meant we were met at the hotel, upon our arrival. After unloading the vehicle and checking in to drop off our luggage, we followed their car back to the depot, a very short drive away.

The final check was completed, vehicle handed over, and we were delivered back to the hotel, in less than half an hour after leaving.

A smaller company with simple, uncomplicated, personalised service. Very different to the big companies.

I would highly recommend giving this company a try. Why not treat yourself to a bit of older luxury at a similar price to a newer car. Keep the Queenstown pick/up drop off in mind, it could be very handy if you’re heading to this activity and scenic filled part of NZ. You too could be driving around in a little Mercedes convertible, for a similar price to an ordinary small car. Enjoy the scenery….


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