The Courthouse Cafe, Alexandra, NZ

Nestled in between buildings, lies the Courthouse Cafe, originally built as a Courthouse in 1876. This building and setting, has been brought back to life, before reopening as the Courthouse Cafe & Bar, in. Alexandra.

The inside is adorned with fresh flowers, which I was told, they keep refreshing. The beauty of being surrounded by tasteful flower arrangements, would help take the edge off the Courthouse setting, if you perhaps had previous experience with a venue like this prior to being a cafe….😄

Here you are judge & jury, with a fabulous selection of fresh foods to choose from. Indoor or outdoor seating is available, with umbrellas shading the outside tables. Plenty of room between table settings here.

Each meal has been tastefully designed, with the fresh flower theme continuing in the meal design. Eggs with bacon above were fresh and tasty. Certainly no complaints, the meals were great and the service was pleasant, with very little wait time.

Tea was presented with the cup and teapot sitting proudly, side by side, on their own tray..


I trialled the field mushrooms above. Delicious. All of these meals were stacked high, packed with plenty of fresh produce, very filling.

Hubby enjoyed his Judges Breakfast, which he teamed with a very tempting, iced coffee. Arriving at the table in a mini glass milk urn, this was packed to the brim, almost to the point of overflowing


A lot of thought has been put into the presentation of the food, drink and surroundings here. You may want to judge this one for yourself 👍.

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