Mecca Bah, Broadbeach

Just prior to the time we were to head across for dinner, Broadbeach was battered with a most impressive storm. Throughout the latter course of the afternoon, the storm had announced its arrival, somewhat shyly at first, before bursting it’s restraints to pummel the whole area.

Not long after this shot, the storm hit with a vengeance.

Thunder lightening partnered with tropical rain to drench everything in its path. We delayed our trip to the restaurant, ringing through to ask the table to be held until we could brace the elements without becoming fully drenched.

After a brief dash between buildings and cutting through the shopping centres, we made it to the bustling Broadbeach vicinity surrounding Mecca Bah. Slightly wet, with an appetite worked up, we were seated in this Middle Eastern style Restaurant.

Baked Apple Pie. I haven’t yet looked at the menu, yet this was offered by one of our party. Somewhat surprised, I’m thinking I can’t eat pastry, when the Apple pie is ordered…at the start of the meal!

When it arrives, I understand, and I’m hooked!! What an awesome cocktail! Cinnamon and sugar coat the top edge of the glass. Combined with the contents, I’m convinced this is an apple pie. Certainly this is one very tasty cocktail. Another one? Yes, well I should probably check the first one wasn’t a fluke. It wasn’t :).


Seafood, chicken kebabs, sides of rice or meals with couscous, there was a good variety.

I chose to go with the beef and couscous, having been recommended by a couple on our table to try one of the couscous meals. The beef was deliciously tender, melting in the mouth. Combining well with the couscous, it was a nice meal. I did find the final gravy bit of the dish became a bit too sweet for my taste near the end, however no problems with the meat. I’m told the other meals were very tasty too.

The Turkish delight dessert was chosen by hubby, and following his recommendation, others on our table also partook of this genuine, sweet, lightly coated, confectionery.

Staff here were attentive and helpful, with Stan overseeing and directing proceedings like a finely tuned movie rehearsal. All the time with that lovely permanent smile never wavering from his face, seemingly oblivious to the hustle and bustle of this popular, busy restaurant.

Prices here are very, very reasonable, certainly not extravagant by any stretch of the imagination.

There are a lot of restaurants to choose from in this area, most were busy on this particular Saturday night. This one, did appear to be bursting at the seams as the night progressed, which was perhaps a good indicator of its popularity. Certainly worth a try if you’re in the Broadbeach area.

If you’re a cocktail buff, be sure to order a Baked Apple Pie!

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