Max Steak and Seafood, Broadbeach, Gold Coast

Billed as a steak and seafood restaurant, with some enticing specials and attentive staff, we chose Max’s for an evening dinner out.

Broadbeach itself is just below Surfers Paradise, a foodies haven in its own right, with plenty of food and accommodation choices. Trust me, here there is no shortage of good quality food at reasonable prices.A myriad of highrises and shopping centres make up the Gold Coast. Amazing the view you gain from a little height.

Within a short walk of most Broadbeach accommodation, Max Steak & Seafood is one of the many choices on offer.

After persuading the extensive menu, we decided on Max’s. And overall, pretty happy with the choice.

No surprise that Hubby as hungry, so we ordered a few dishes to satisfy his hunger.A novel concept for a seafood chowder, Hubby was definitely happy with his entree choice!

The mouthwatering steak pictured first was my choice today. Accompanied by a side of vegetables, the steak was delivered resting in its own sauce. Cooked to your liking, and a reasonable steak, I was happy with the dish.

But this is a steak and seafood restaurant right, so seafood is obligatory. Lobster Mornay, was by no means a small meal. The succulent lobster, burst from its shell, topped with melted cheese. A tempting treat, which oozes opulence.

We are early eaters but the venue filled quickly, as did the others around. Depending on the night, you might find live music in the middle of the eateries. Certainly a drawcard for the little ones who were happy to dance and make friends.I will leave you now with a sunset from Broadbeach. Not something you see too well in Queensland, unless you are up high. We do some incredible sunrises, but we are on the opposite of the county to where the sun goes down. Sometimes though you get to nail it.

Stop by Max Steak & Seafood, it is worth trying!

Novotel Surfers Paradise

Treated to a viewing of the refurbished rooms at Novotel Surfers Paradise this week was quite an unexpected bonus. Attending this Travel Massive meet was most definitely worth the return trip from Brisbane to the very heart of Surfers Paradise.

Now sporting a wonderful peaceful ambiance the rooms are quite inviting. Couple this with the balcony off each room giving you simply stunning views across the Gold Coast, and you have a winning combination.

A new rooftop area is now available for function hire. Very spacious, kitted out with comfortable, inviting furniture, this certainly is a rooftop space worth considering if you’re requiring a venue.

Views upwards are quite impressive too!

Staff were all friendly and more than happy to assist in any way possible. The lobby area can be quite busy at times with tour groups coming in and out but it doesn’t matter as there is such a huge amount of space, along with a bar/cafe, information & tour booking desk as well as reception. An onsite restaurant is up on level one plus laundry, games room, gym etc near the pool and rooftop areas.

Centrally located, from this hotel it is a mere short stroll to the beach as well as a multitude of attractions, leave the car and enjoy a walk.

Consider this hotel if you’re looking for accommodation, those newly refurbished rooms really do look very inviting!

Marios Italian Restaurant Broadbeach


Seated beneath the decorative grape vines, secured to the roof above, we enjoyed a long, lingering lunch, wiling away the afternoon with good friends.   A wonderful place to sit and watch the world go by, served by waitstaff with an awesome sense of humour and accompanied by very good food and wine.  Aaah bliss 😄.

Located on the side of the Oasus Shopping Centre, along the restaurant strip side, there’s plenty to see here.  People passing by, a busy restaurant strip, yet somehow relaxing when you are seated at your table, just out of reach of the normal comings and goings around you.  


One of the entrees enjoyed was the scallops dish above.  Delightfully soft scallops cooked Italian style, were a definite hit.  


I chose the above stuffed, lightly crumbed mushrooms, as an entree.  A perfect combination of mushroom, cheese and crumbs.   Enjoyable as a nice light start to a meal.

Presentation of meals was certainly very good, as was the freshness of the food included.    Your biggest problem here is probably going to be choosing a seating area.   We had the wonderful balcony area, with a big marquee available in the mall area, as well as the inside dining.


My choice was to enjoy a second entree as opposed to a main.  Given the size of the meals I saw being delivered to other tables, this was a wise choice.


However this seafood plate above was a delicious choice.  Salmon, oysters, prawns and a superbly dressed rocket salad.   The main size version of this was available as well, personally though, I found this to be the perfect size.

No doubt at sometime you will find yourself in the Broadbeach area of the Gold Coast, keep this Italian Restaurant in mind for a relaxing dining experience.  In the meantime, here’s  a taste of the dessert menu, to tempt those tastebuds😄.



Mecca Bah, Broadbeach

Just prior to the time we were to head across for dinner, Broadbeach was battered with a most impressive storm. Throughout the latter course of the afternoon, the storm had announced its arrival, somewhat shyly at first, before bursting it’s restraints to pummel the whole area.

Not long after this shot, the storm hit with a vengeance.

Thunder lightening partnered with tropical rain to drench everything in its path. We delayed our trip to the restaurant, ringing through to ask the table to be held until we could brace the elements without becoming fully drenched.

After a brief dash between buildings and cutting through the shopping centres, we made it to the bustling Broadbeach vicinity surrounding Mecca Bah. Slightly wet, with an appetite worked up, we were seated in this Middle Eastern style Restaurant.

Baked Apple Pie. I haven’t yet looked at the menu, yet this was offered by one of our party. Somewhat surprised, I’m thinking I can’t eat pastry, when the Apple pie is ordered…at the start of the meal!

When it arrives, I understand, and I’m hooked!! What an awesome cocktail! Cinnamon and sugar coat the top edge of the glass. Combined with the contents, I’m convinced this is an apple pie. Certainly this is one very tasty cocktail. Another one? Yes, well I should probably check the first one wasn’t a fluke. It wasn’t :).


Seafood, chicken kebabs, sides of rice or meals with couscous, there was a good variety.

I chose to go with the beef and couscous, having been recommended by a couple on our table to try one of the couscous meals. The beef was deliciously tender, melting in the mouth. Combining well with the couscous, it was a nice meal. I did find the final gravy bit of the dish became a bit too sweet for my taste near the end, however no problems with the meat. I’m told the other meals were very tasty too.

The Turkish delight dessert was chosen by hubby, and following his recommendation, others on our table also partook of this genuine, sweet, lightly coated, confectionery.

Staff here were attentive and helpful, with Stan overseeing and directing proceedings like a finely tuned movie rehearsal. All the time with that lovely permanent smile never wavering from his face, seemingly oblivious to the hustle and bustle of this popular, busy restaurant.

Prices here are very, very reasonable, certainly not extravagant by any stretch of the imagination.

There are a lot of restaurants to choose from in this area, most were busy on this particular Saturday night. This one, did appear to be bursting at the seams as the night progressed, which was perhaps a good indicator of its popularity. Certainly worth a try if you’re in the Broadbeach area.

If you’re a cocktail buff, be sure to order a Baked Apple Pie!