Hangi Stylz

Having tried the Hangi menu at another venue on the Southside and Gold Coast, one was left with no option but to visit the recently established Hangi Stylz on the Northside of Brisbane. I mean that, really, there was no option :).

Hangi food, raw fish, Kina, oysters, paua and of course the standard fish’n’chip shop options. This corner located shop, has plenty of parking available, a few tables outside for those wishing to eat on site, and plenty of menu choice.

I trialled the Hangi meal, shown above without the generous chicken thigh which accompanied it. Hidden beneath the stuffing lay potato, kumera, pumpkin, cabbage, pork and a bacon bone. If you haven’t trialled the traditional Maori hangi food, then you should. It’s a back to the basics style, without all the added extras and tastes delicious. Somewhat refreshing for a change, to enjoy a simple meal, au naturale’ style.

Hubby has a palate which enjoys fried food, therefore his choice included battered oysters, cheese kransky and paua fritter. I was informed, after he had devoured as much as humanly possible, that it was definitely “up there” on the food scale. That is quite a high ranking accolade, ๐Ÿ˜„

Now I should note, the generosity of the serves, kept hubby happy with his snacking for a couple of days.

With more to offer than the usual fish’n’chip shop, Hangistylz is definitely worth a visit. Check it out some time. ๐Ÿ‘

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