Ladies Day Out – Brisbane Australia

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We recently organised a Ladies Day Out as a birthday present for a couple of young ladies, in this case family. This was all organised through some companies we have utilised in the past, to incorporate a private driver, photography, food, and of course wine!!.Richard from Strong Limousines was booked to be our driver for the day. We have used this company in the past for airport transfers and have always found both Richard & Jessica to be highly professional, very easy to deal with, using only very tidy, clean vehicles. As usual Richard arrived on time and greeted our party of four, opening doors for all in the comfortable Chrysler Sedan.

The first stop organised was at Mercure Clear Mountain Lodge. Here we sat out on the expansive balcony, admiring the view of Brisbane, over a bottle of bubbles. We had considered the high tea here but it didn’t quite fit into our schedule for that day, especially with lunch planned at the next stop. Next time we will stop by for high tea.

How incredible is the view out to the horizon! We stay here at least once a year, as being so close to Brisbane, yet feeling like a whole world away, this venue is our go to for unwinding and relaxing, with some wonderful staff another bonus.

After some catch up chit chat, obligatory photos, all of which were matched with some soothing bubbles, we met Richard out the front at the agreed time. From here, Richard drove us seamlessly through some stunning bush areas, stopping on the side of the road partway up the hill on the Mt Mee drive, so we could admire the incredible view laid out before us.

We had intended to stop at some of the markets on the way, but decided to miss this today as we headed to our wine tasting and lunch at Ocean View Estate Winery. Richard dropped us off, agreed the time we would be back in the carpark for pickup and left us to indulge.There is plenty to choose from as you can see above! A family run business established by Kate & Thomas, who have worked hard to bring the winery and restaurant up to an extremely high standard. Within around 45 minutes from Brisbane city too, so quite close. (Photo credit @amberadventuring)

Their daughter Hannah, came on board as the brewer and creates some interesting beers.First stop, the winery shop for wine and beer tasting. Friendly staff ran us through a wine tasting with all of us choosing wines of our preference to trial, prior to tasting some beers. There really are some interesting combinations which are well worth trying.

Even though the skies were clear, it was little cooler up here on this gorgeous Queensland Winter day. Lovely to see the fire stoked, with flames softly dancing. There is something about flames which creates a relaxed atmosphere.Seated out on the covered verandah, we watched a helicopter deliver some patrons, as part of a package offered by Ocean View Estate Winery & Restaurant. Landing on the neatly mown lawn with tidy roses and hedges in the foreground, the passengers disembarked for their special experience. Bubbles arrived, meals were ordered and our lovely double birthday luncheon began.(Photo credit @amberadventuring)

Our selection of entrees arrived which we were all sharing from the interesting A La carte menu. There are also options for degustation menus, including matching wines. All menus are created by the talented Head Chef, Tony Tierney.

We shared some delious pork belly with a side of crispy greens. Perfect amount for 4 ladies after those delicious entrees!

As the lunch came to an end, it was time to order some tantalising dessertsOh yes, dessert and dessert cocktails, simply stunning.Staff in the restaurant were also friendly, helpful and professional. Always nice to go somewhere and be treated so well.

Should you be interested in attending any of these venues or require the use of our new booking service, please feel free to message or contact via email Further photos are posted on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Thank you to all the following companies we utilised for this day out. None were aware at the time of booking or payment, of our intentions.

– Strong Limousines

– Mercure Clear Mountain Resort

-Lakeview Restaurant

-Ocean View Estate Winery & Restaurant

-Amber Adventuring (Photography)

-Dine Live Travel (Co-ordination, photography, promotion)

Ocean View Estate Winery

Scenic drives with a stunning  destination to finish, are always a delight, albeit somewhat rare.  An easy meander from Brisbane to Ocean View Estate Winery, provides a breathtakingly peaceful finish to  the relatively short drive.   

As you head down the path towards the cellar door and restaurant, the visible piece of the heart shaped pond, leads you to wonder what view lies ahead.    The chilly bite in the wind which greeted us, could not dampen our enthusiasm to uncover this entriguing area.

Close to the buildings, the winds bite forced me to duck a quick left  turn, into what just happened to be the cellar door.  With warmth taking over from that outside coolness, it was a delight to find the smiling Chloe offering a wine tasting.  Now who could refuse this.

Tonight we were guests of Ocean View Estates Winery to partake in their degustation dinner.  Given this was the first visit, the cellar door provided an opportunity to not only taste the wine varieties on offer, but to also learn some of the background behind this Winery.

Subtle pink hues were intriguing in this taste of Ocean Views rose.   Much lighter than the usual heavier pinks of other rose’s.   

Their cellar door is well presented with shelving showcasing the extensive wine selection, offered by Ocean View Estates.     Plenty of other options including wine accessories or even honey,  for the shopper.   

Some very nice wines on offer amongst the broad range.   Even Hubbys sweet tooth was catered for with dessert wine & port which definitely hit the spot!  My favourite amongst the tasting was 2010 OV Cabernet which left that wonderful mouth drying sensation, with a bonus chocolate cherry aftertaste, superb!

Having tasted the variety on offer, we were both interested to see which of these delights would be matched with Chef’s dishes at tonight’s degustation.

Tearing ourselves away from the warmth of the cellar door, we ducked across to the welcoming restaurant to be greeted by even more welcoming staff.  This of course was after signing up for to receive a couple of cases a year as well as a discount on meals etc at the restaurant…..which means we will have to return to this slice of paradise – it’s a hard life sometimes!Fabulous warmth radiated from this wonderful burner near our table tonight.  Loved the kettle sitting atop, it was a nice touch.   Everything about this restaurant is clean, tidy, with lovely lines and plenty of room.  Always nice to dine where distance between diners is respected.  

The floor to ceiling windows offered some relaxing vistas.   Outside was a large balcony area which, would no doubt be a fantastic place to wile away some time on a lovely mild afternoon or evening.   This place has been designed to encourage you to unwind, relax enjoy and stay a while.  Owners Kate & Thomas have built this hub, with hard work and dedication.  It shows, and they should be commended on their efforts.Tonight Chef Tony Tierney had organised a wonder degustation menu, which unfortunately he was unable to enjoy as he celebrated his birthday the same day.  However, back of house staff do require a mention here, the standard of presentation, quality of food, and overall taste went beyond superb.  Chef Tony should be very proud of the efforts he has put in to ensure his team can turn out dishes to the standard he has obviously set.  Well done.

In saying that, the front of house upheld the high standards.  Service for the entire duration of the evening, could not be faulted.   To have your staff share your passion and enthusiasm as an owner, is an accomplishment and certainly no mean feat.

By definition Dégustation is a culinary term meaning ‘a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company.  Dégustation is more likely to involve sampling small portions of all of a chef’s signature dishes in one sitting. may be accompanied by a matching wine degustation which complements each dish.’ (Quote: Wikipedia).  

I view Degustation as a delightful play on all the senses, tempting, salivating and teasing.  A culinary delight.  Each morsel needs to be enjoyed to its fullest potential.

As for the company, some of Brisbanes intriguing instagrammers, as well as owners Kate & Thomas,  I would have to say, this was one of the most delightful groups of people.  Before tonight we had not met any of them, however conversations, common interests and simply wonderful company, was definitely the perfect accompaniment to this dining experience.  FInally here was an opportunity to photograph food and wine without people looking at you strangely… The whole table did it.  Hubby was simply delighted he finally didn’t have to wait for me to photograph his meal, only because our dishes were the same. Sometimes it is the small things……!

Our first course tonight was Roasted scallops & Mooloolaba spanner crab accompanied by a pea purée, macadamia crumble and coc nibs.   Scallops literally melted in your mouth, washed down by the Chardonnay which hinted vanilla oak.   There was nothing in this dish to disappoint.The bar had now been set.   How was Chef Tony going to follow up first dish?

With the superb presentation of one of the most crunchy dishes ever, no-one at the at table could hide the fact you were eating.   The resounding crunch from enjoying this confit pork jowl, nesting in ham hock broth, with pigs ears, snow pea and nori, echoed around the table.  This was pork at its finest, which could only be enhanced by the soft, yet crispness of the 2014 Reserve Voigner.

Still savouring the delights of the pork, we moved on to the third dish of this dining experience, the French oak smoked duck breast.   Teamed with burnt pumpkin, lotus root and the 2015 (aptly named) Unwound Shiraz, taste buds danced with the rich full flavours, smoothed with the Shiraz.   As a side note, there are not many Shiraz’s I find which sit and digest,however this one was definitely an exception to the rule.   There comes an end to every dining participation event.  Yes this means dessert.   Following on with the crunch theme over the last couple of dishes, Chef Tony had  created a delicious raspberry rubarb combination.  Now I will be the first to admit that whilst Hubby enjoys rhubarb, I don’t particularly, only remembering it as one of those dishes you had to eat as a kid.  Whilst Hubby had viewed this menu item with delight, I was somewhat apprehensive, yet willing to try.Wow!   No disappointment here, everything about this dish was simply brilliant.  Raspberry sorbet, crumble and  jelly, added to the rhubarb and rosemary flowers was topped off with the perfect partner of 2012 OV Gold, hubbys pick of the wine choices.

Thank you to all who participated in this evening and for those of you who follow Instagram, check some of these lovely people we met and their Instagram feeds:

#rikerama #brisbanefoodlovers  #queensland #melissafindley #foodieinheels #atetoomuch

Everyone in the Instagram community we have met so far, has been welcoming, warming and encouraging.  Thank you all!   Big thank you to our hosts Kate & Thomas and their superb staff.   We cannot wait to return – hopefully to stay onsite in one of those appealing cottages.   Remember to check the website  Kate, Thomas and staff look forward to your visit!