Villa Noosa Hotel – Noosaville Sunshine Coast

After a visit to the Emundi Markets, we decided to find a nice location for lunch before heading back to Brisbane.  A sort drive towards Noosa found us arriving at Nossaville.

Here we tried a couple of precincts, with nothing having our desired requirements – a nice lunch accompanied by a wine.  Eventually we found the Villa Noosa Hotel.  From what we could see on the Chefs Suggestions menu, there looked to be enough variety in meals and cost for everyone.   The main menu had not only a kids menu, but a smaller cheaper meal choice menu for seniors as well.    

 My choice today was the Caesar salad with calamari.   Nicely presented, plus freshening to have a Caesar salad which had ingredients mixed throughout.   So often with many salads, I find ingredients are basically all on the top, with pieces of lettuce making up the bulk of the meal.  This one was a full meal all the way through.  These lamb shanks, not only looked good, I’m told they were great.  A big fulfilling meal.  

Seated out on the open deck, with plenty of room between tables, our carload enjoyed the lunch break.   There was a slight issue with two of the meals being forgotten and coming out after the others were nearly finished theirs.  However staff were most apologetic and offered the table free desserts to make up for their mistake.   Both meals were pushed through before the kitchen closed at 2.   We were happy with the fact they admitted it was their mistake, certainly makes all the difference.  The wine pictured above, was chosen from the extensive wine menu and made a nice accompaniment to our lunches.  All in all a very nice break after walking round the markets.   

And as for the offer of free dessert – most couldn’t fit them in, however two were ordered and finished 😄. Check out this hotel when you’re in Noosaville, a huge complex so plenty for all!


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