Waterline Restaurant – Friday’s Riverside, Eagle St Pier

An opportunity to venture into the city, is not something I refuse.  On this day, we visited Eagle Street Piet for a relaxing lunch. There is always plenty to see & do here.  Dining opportunities abound.

Today the choice was Waterline Restaurant located at Friday’s Riverside- located towards the opposite end of the pier than the location of this photo I snapped via the ferry.

Seated next to massive glass windows, your view through to the Brisbane River makes for a spectacular backdrop to your dining experience.  City Cats and ferries traverse the river whilst you are indulging in a wonderfully relaxing dining experience.

From the time of entering this restaurant, until departure , service was impeccable. Everything was delivered in a friendly, unobtrusive manner, also unrushed and pressure free.
Menu choice, included this special for lunches.  Now you have given me a menu where the first choice was chicken salad plus a glass of Matlborough Savignon  Blanc…yes my decision is made! Quite happy with my choice, I most definitely enjoyed my lunch decision!

There were no complaints regarding the other meals at the table which included a fish n chip option and steak sandwiches, as pictured below :  

I have no doubt this venue is most popular with the business fraternity, as they entertain their clients or fellow business associates close to their office locations.

However, if you are travelling Brisbane City as a tourist or local, you should stop by here.  Not a small venue, with plenty of dining or other options, Friday’s, may just fulfill you needs.  Stop by and check it out!


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