Coral Sea Restaurant – Kedron Wavell Services Club

A recent special birthday celebration, saw us attending a family/friend function at the Coral Sea Restaurant Buffet.

Selection of food is impressive. If you are dining on a Friday or Saturday night, your meal selection will include a continuous supply of seafood, including fresh oysters, prawns and crab. A variety of salads and cold cuts, hot meats and vegetables are also included in the buffet. Choose your preferences, returning for top ups as many times as you like. Good buying for under $40.


For those with seafood or other food related allergies, staff are happy to help and will assist you with the correct menu choices to suit you.

This is a large, roomy restaurant, including between tables, however it may pay to book, to ensure a table is available. At the time of our visit, the club was undergoing major renovations, which didn’t affect this restaurant that much, apart from the lack of upstairs bathrooms. A trip downstairs is required, at the moment, if you are in need of the facilities whilst dining.

Don’t forget to choose your sweet palate finisher, from the selection of desserts, including pavlova, mousse plus a selection of fruit and cheese.

Enjoy the clever lighting outside the club as you arrive and depart for the evening. This certainly helps to bring the club to life at night.

As with most clubs, meals and drinks are reasonably priced, cheaper if you are a member. Definitely worth a visit should you be in the area or looking for a reasonably priced buffet or seafood buffet, with good quality food.

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Enjoy the buffet !!

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