360 Restaurant Bar, Labrador, Qld

Located in the Grand Hotel, Labrador on the Gold Coast, this bar/restaurant was our choice for an late afternoon meal.
Camembert and pork belly tapas. Both were delicious, pairing together very well. Mains were salmon and their 360 signature steak dish which was a massive steak and seafood meal. Both meals were beautifully presented and cooked to a very high standard. The menu here is extensive, with plenty of variety to choose from.

Service was excellent. All staff were friendly, helpful, with very good menu knowledge. Prices are more restaurant than pub based, however the quality of the food and service made it worthwhile.

This is a pub, with the pokies located behind restaurant. With the broad water located directly across the road, there is an abundance of things happening. A busy broad water full of boats, jet skis, provides a constantly changing landscape.

Plenty of restaurant choice in this area, with another restaurant located in the same hotel. A big plus for this area is the easy access from the Pacific Motorway. Enjoy your meal !

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