Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast, morphs into a bustling mini metropolis for four days, near the end of May every year, for the boat show. Maybe you’re interested in boats, related services or parts, or you want to dream. Either way, you will find something to satisfy you at the boatshow.

Here you are offered the opportunity to board and explore anything from small to multi million dollar vessels. The $ value of all these vessels at this show is mind boggling. Everything is on display, even the accessories – slippery slide anyone? All you need is the boat to go with it!


This show is not limited to boats, if you have a spare $800k plus you too could drive away in this beauty


Or if you feel that’s a bit much to spend on one vehicle, try a Maserati, after all this was only half the price of the Bentley!


This year the weather was fabulous, making very hot days. When it’s like this, going early in the day to beat the crowds is a smart idea. There are huge marquee tents housing the dealer display stands. Always a good place to escape the sun, however when the crowds build and the day heats up, they too can become stuffy.

George’s Paragon is just one of the permanent restaurants based at Sanctuary Cove. Alongside the permanent shopping/dining precinct, there are many pop ups for the four days. Giving you plenty of choice for everything.

Pre purchasing your show tickets, allows you to travel free on all public transport. A seemingly endless stream of shuttle buses transport visitors from different locations, to the boat show. Unless you are an exhibitor or resident, you cannot drive into Sanctuary Cove. However shuttle services are continuous with generally not a long wait until the next one.


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