Summit Restaurant & Bar – Sunday lunch

A definite favourite, we love coming here.   The fabulous quilt work of Brisbane City laid out before your eyes, never fails to impress.  Even on a cloudy, moody day, the breathtaking, birds eye view of Brisbane gong about daily life, is not dulled in any way. 

 Our table was near the window, with this framed view through a low window pane, next to the where we sat.   An interesting moving picture, with planes  clearly visible as they arrived or departed Brisbane airport.  

The larger windows around the room were wide open, allowing the fabulous cooling breeze, swaying the tree tops next to the restaurant, to keep you cool during lunch.  Natural air conditioning has to be the best around.   Huge fans around the room, caught the dancing breeze and spread it across the entire restaurant area to benefit all the diners.

What do we like about this restaurant?   Location, food quality, presentation, high level of service and the choice in value.   Definitely ticks the boxes and covers the reasons why we keep coming back.   Today I decided to trial their $30.95 two course lunch menu.  This one gives the choice of the mixed entree and main, or a main & dessert.   For $39.95 you can have all three, or, if you’re not particularly hungry, choose the main only for $19.95.  

The mixed entree arrived first, with a most delicious demitasse of cold soup , sitting alongside the spiced pork & glass noodle spring roll, warm ciabatta, and a flavoursome chilli lime syrup, zucchini & corn fritter.  A delightful mix of entrees, not overly spicy, in fact very much to my taste, providing a wonderful pop of flavours between all the foods.   Most enjoyable.  

Next were the mains.  Hubby had chosen to go with the Ål La Carte menu.  Here you have the choice of full size or small plates.  Today he had chosen the small plate of seared wagyu rump cap to follow his entree choice of natural oysters.   Certainly well enjoyed as every morsel of the both dishes were completely demolished! 

My main choice on the two course lunch special was one of my favourite dishes, Atlantic salmon.   Cooked to absolute perfection with the enjoyable melt in the mouth salmon, a perfect accompaniment to the leek & pea vegetables, potato gratin and a light lemon butter sauce.  A combination to get those juices flowing.  

If you haven’t visited here yet, you should,   After drinking in the amazing tapestry of views surrounding the mountain, take the time to enjoy a lunch whilst still catching glimpses of Brisbane during your dining experience.  Yes there is a little walk to get here from the car park, which might involve a steep incline if you park in the lower car parks, but it is worth every step.   Enjoy!

Summit Restaurant & Bar, Mt Cootha, Brisbane

Feast your eyes on the stunning vistas across Brisbane City.   


A view so breathtakingly beautiful, the chances of enjoying your dining experience here are already high.   An added bonus for this choice was an email I had received that morning with a $20 voucher to use at the restaurant on weekdays.  No need to print, just show it on your phone.   Decision made easy👍.

Within an easy drive of Brisbane City, Mt Cootha overlooks the Botanical Gardens,p, with continued views across the city to Moreton Bay.  A popular viewing destination for visitors and locals alike.  There is plenty to do on the mountain, with the added choice of two dining venues once the hunger pains set in.

On this occasion we took the opportunity of enjoying one of those rare week days off work, with a visit to the Summit Rstaurant.

Seated outside on an incredibly gorgeous winters day, the wonderful feeling of relaxation and being on top of the world set in.

Service here was impeccable from our arrival.   Friendly, very helpful, amusing yet still very professional.   These staff had it all.

There is a lunch set menu here if you prefer to stick to a budget.   Under $20 for one $30 for two or under $40 for a three course meal.   Or you can choose from the a la carte menu, which we did today.

I chose the entree size scallop meal pictured above  as my main.  Soft, melt in your mouth scallops, teamed perfectly with the green pea tapenade.   Hubby’s choice was the fabulously presented  Wagyu rump meal.   Cooked to his liking, with veges wound so easily into the meal, he pushed none to the side (a surprising change!).  Literally finishing the entire meal with only a sparkling clean plate left!   Now for a person who side steps the vegetables on every opportunity, that really did tell you how much he enjoyed this menu choice!

With that wonderful chilled out, full belly feeling setting in, nothing to do with the wine of the course😄, the decision was required on finishing with dessert.  We had taken our time, enjoyed good a lingering lunch, so why not finish with a sweet treat. 

 Apple blossom poached pear.  I was intrigued with name of this dessert already.   Time to give it a try.   My decision, especially as a person who doesn’t always finish with dessert, this dish was simply delightful.  Every spoonful was a taste adventure in itself.   Loved it!

Hubby chose the churros, or in his words, the healthy option.   Again the presentation did not disappoint, and neither I’m told did the dish itself, with hubby enjoying his ‘healthy option’ choice.

Next time you visit Mt Coorha, allow yourself some time to enjoy a lingering lunch.   Not only will it give you more time to enjoy the fabulous view, you will also give your tastebuds an awesome experience.  

Look forward to returning soon, hopefully at night when the city is lit up!