The Flying Nun – Samford

It is highly doubtful the builders of Samfords Methodist Church in the late 1800’s would have foreseen the future of their building.   Since around 2009, this building has been converted into a popular cafe/restaurant, nestled in a secluded rainforest setting.

Stained glass windows are strong features of the building.   Nooks and crannies add to the quirkiness of the whole experience.   Outside & inside dining, with a quaint shop area including preserves, teas and coffee.  Staff were all friendly and helpful, with nothing taking too long to come to the table after ordering.

Menu choices certainly sounded very interesting, the only problem here is it makes the final choice difficult!  

One of the interesting choices today was the Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb and Eggplant Savoury mince.    I’m told the meal was very enjoyable, not highly spiced for anyone who isn’t into the really hot stuff, but definitely a filling, very pleasant breakfast.  My choice was to be the Lavender Dill Salmon.   Quite a nice meal for breakfast without being overly heavy.   The addition of the avocado side, actually made a nice combination too.  I enjoyed the small dish overall with the beetroot coulis hidden underneath, adding a dash of strong colour to the mix plus the addition of another flavour to pop in the mouth.  Tasty and well thought out.Big breakfast was a big meal however, the men at the table had no problem tackling the challenge , in addition to the extras on their plates, with both breakfasts demolished.   The mushrooms I’m told, were delicious on this dish.Now if you’re looking for something a little lighter yet still filling, the Passionfruit & yoghurt panacotta, served with granola and berries is a winner.   The tasty panacotta was delightfully partnered with the crunchy granola, and squirts of berry juice adding a nice ‘bite’ to the combination.Colourful juices, good coffee the drinks menu had plenty to choose from as well.   

Samford is close to Brisbane, making a nice destination for a drive.   You certainly will not go hungry or thirsty out this way, there looked to be a good selection of cafes and eateries in the area.   The nice garden setting certainly sets off the historic building for this cafe, enabling you to sit back, relax and enjoy!

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