Bourbon Street – South Bank, Brisbane

 To be presented with a cocktail list, with same main ingredient .(see above) ….now you’re interested aren’t you!

During this break from work, I took some time out to visit various places around the Great South East.  Let’s start here, Bourbon Street located on the restaurant strip, next to Southbank Brisbane.

Today was a quiet lunch out with family after a stroll through the city and Southbank.   

 Always something to see here, even on a quiet afternoon.   

 Pictured above – chocolate brûlée 

Stop by Bourbon Street on your way past, there’s an interesting atmosphere to this place.   Service was very friendly with no request a problem at all.  Enjoy a cocktail or maybe dessert.    Just remember, to have a look through Southbank while you’re here.   And, if this restaurant doesn’t take your fancy, there’s plenty more to choose from.    
We had actually intended to dine at another nearby restaurant on this day, however the cold reception changed our minds where upon we found ourselves at Bourbon Street, receiving a warm welcome.   

Plenty to choose from on the menu too, you never know what may take your fancy here!  

Pictured above, bread & butter pudding.

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