Just Real Food, Invercargill, New Zealand

This simple name tells exactly what you will receive from this Invercargill cafe/takeaway. Cakes, slices, pastries etc are all baked and prepared on the premises.

If you’re a local, you may have grabbed a bite to eat from here, if you haven’t then you’re missing out. This is where you will find fresh, real food.

We dropped by for a quick breakfast snack one December Invercargill morning, whilst travelling throughout the South Island. I chose a cheese roll which was deliciously cheesy, soft and very fresh. Hubby chose a wrap, jam packed with scrambled egg, hash brown, bacon, cheese and extras.

The cakes and slices beckoned from the confines of their window, however we just couldn’t fit them in on this occasion. The same applied to these very inviting pastries below.

Milkshakes, cold drinks and barista style coffees are also available. There are a couple of tables outside if you feel those paper bags filled with goodies, will not make it further than the shop exit.

We couldn’t pack this little shop up and bring it back with us, however check it out if you’re traversing Dee Street in Invercargill, you won’t be disappointed. Home cooked style, fresh, served with local friendly service, real food like this, cannot be passed by.

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