Next Door Kitchen & Bar – lunch

Southbank offers opportunities for many choices in the type of cuisine you’d like to sample.   Today was an enjoyable relaxed lunch, catching up with friends.   With a compact menu which still caters for most tastes, we easily could find something for everyone.

Ggreeted by bubbly staff as soon as we stopped to view the outside menu, it did not take long to reach the division and dine here.   Before long, our group was seated, with menus in hand and water delivered to the table.

One of the drinks at the table, was a cocktail delivered in most intriguing silver ware.  Not only was this very heavy,  Hubby was shown how the top lifted from the base to drink.   This is all in keeping with the 1920’s, prohibition era themed restaurant.    Their beverage list makes for entertaining reading with Homemade Hooch, Moonshine, Bootleggers and Giggle water being among some of lingo used.

 Meals followed within a reasonable time frame, my choice for today was Calamari.   Served with a delightful coconut lime dressing and Vietnamese salad, this salt & pepper style calamari dish was most enjoyable.   Nice to enjoy a non stringy or rubbery calamari.  

Another meal was this sharp looking, packed full burger., with fries.   Certainly well enjoyed.

Hubby today chose the Gangster chicken wings, accompanied by a blue cheese sauce and chilli peanuts.   The combination of flavours, I’m told, made for an enjoyable meal.   Southbank never fails to deliver on entertainment or dining.   With plenty to choose from, remember to keep Next Door Kitchen & Bar in mind.   

We have enjoyed breakfast here before and I’m sure dinner would not disappoint ether.  Remember to check this one out when you’re in the Little Stanley Streey area, we have never had a problem here.  

Obsession Restaurant & Bar- Southbank, Brisbane

  Southbank.  One of the delightful areas in the heart of Brisbane with so much to see and do.  Including many which are totally free. Swim at the man made beach, enjoy a picnic and Sunday concert, stroll the extensive walkways, admire the many photo opportunities contained in this area or  partake in a fitness class.  All for free.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, then realise you forgot to pack a picnic basket, (oops!),  now it’s time to choose  from one of the many restaurants in the area.

This trip, we chose Obsession Restaurant & Bar.  On a wet, dreary day, their menu looked to include dishes to satisfy the tastes of all our group.  Asian style with the specials menu above providing choice enough without the main menu.

Service was prompt, polite and very helpful. Now we had chosen our lunch venue, it was nice to sit in a comfortable area, whilst watching others battle the rain.  My choice today was the Hong Kong fried jasmine rice.   Fresh ingredients made this dish, which was light, non spicy as well as very filling.   I have to admit it was a struggle to the finish line, but the dish beat me today.  I just couldn’t finish it all.  Good value for the price.  Hubby loved his Mongolian beef, which he had no trouble devouring.  Still enough satisfy his hunger though, which is always a good thing!  These beautifully fresh, lightly egg white  battered king prawns tossed through Obsessions own aioli batter from the main menu, were a  hit. Resting on a bed of coleslaw, and coated with a most palatable,non spicy, slightly sweet aioli sauce.   A lot bigger than it looks in the photo, there were enough pawns for everyone to have a taste.  Most enjoyable.  Lastly this chicken curry chosen from the specials menu, was apprently mild, and easy to eat. Very tasty. 

Another restaurant for you to try in the Southbank Precinct!