Matthew Thomas Cafe- Sandgate

 Standing proudly between residential housing, Matthew Thomas Cafe, on Eagle Street Terrace Sandgate enjoys a fabulous tree filtered view across the bay.   Should you be able to tear yourself away from the interesting wares on display and for sale, you will be sure to find something of interest on this menu.   Plenty of choice on the breakfast menu, with the option of continuing to choose a breakfast item for lunch if you so desire.

 Choose your meals, order & pay at the counter, then sit back, relax, soaking in the ambiance  whilst you await your chosen delights.  Table service here was good with everything delivered without any real delay.  Staff were also polite and unobtrusive.

Today my choice was The Onesie.  One each of poached egg, corn fritter, zucchini fritter, one rasher of bacon and avocado, all delivered onboard a sourdough base.  Sided with my added extra of roasted mushrooms, I would have to say, this was a most enjoyable fulfilling breakfast. 

All of the meals were enjoyed, with no complaints.  This included the colourful array of smoothies and coffees delivered to the table.   Even though the tea selection was limited, to few teabag choices, the delivery of  the tea did create a point of interest, with this regal looking cup & saucer combination below. 

One of the dishes on our table, was definitely an indulgent breakfast choice, fit for royalty.

Freshly made waffles, topped with vanilla bean gelato, banana, strawberries, drizzled with maple syrup, topped with a dusting of icing sugar and grated chocolate.    Definitely an appealing looking and tasting dish. Sandgate foreshore is always a nice area for a drive, perhaps while you’re enjoying the sea breeze, the hunger pains might see you checking out this interesting cafe.   With fabulous bay vistas directly across the road, you are bound to enjoy your time at this little slice of Sandgate.  


The Full Moon Hotel – Sandgate

Waves of fresh sea air wash over you, as you sit at a table overlooking the Bay,   Glimpses of the sea and beach appear between the trees.   The bonus here, you can enjoy a long lingering lunch, with the kitchen open during the afternoon, only closing briefly to prepare for dinner service. 

Sprawling along the corner block, this establishment offers plenty of choice for everyone.   Perhaps you’d like a quiet drink, a lingering lunch,  a wedding venue, or a sports bar.   Here, your requirements will no doubt be catered for.
There’s plenty of room to spread out.    Our group enjoyed a long lunch, ordering entrees and mains whenever we desired.  No need to run up a tab here, everyone can pay for their own as they go.

Our meal choices included plenty of seafood.  The prawns pictured above, we’re so beautifully fresh, you were convinced the chef had run across the road to haul a few out of the sea.  

The calamari below was the softest calamari we had enjoyed in a very long time.  Again delightfully fresh. 

Jam jar cocktails were a hit at our table.  Hubby likened their taste to Redskins lollies.   A little to sweet for my taste, however there still a few enjoyed over the course of the afternoon. 

Our mains today included a couple of the seafood platters for sharing.   With more of the fabulously fresh prawns, calamari, teamed with Moreton Bay Bugs and scallops resting amongst this fabulously presented dish, it was a good choice.
If there us such a thing as too much seafood, then we probably had it,  if not, then these dishes were certainly filling  and very enjoyable.   Staff were friendly, and tolerant given we chose to spread our meal over an entire afternoon!   
Definitely worth visiting!