Brisbane Convoy for Kids

After 9 years, Brisbane’s convoy for kids has really started to make its mark on Queensland’s Calendar. Raising a gobsmacking 25 million in the first 8 years, this charity has started from humble beginnings to now become a much looked forward to event.

This year 547 trucks joined the convoy from Brisbane’s Forest Lake on the Southside to Redcliffe Showgrounds on the Northside of Brisbane. That’s not just 547 trucks, there were the drivers, their support crews, employers and families.

Truckies finish off an already full work week, polishing and cleaning their rigs ready for the convoy. Some working into the night to bring out every last bit of shine possible.Barnes Auto Co were one of the companies to send a number of trucks, their total was 8. Assisting a little with the clean up, I then rode along on the convoy.

The day was to prove interesting, exciting and, in places, humorous. Although I’m left wondering if the truckie, who whilst sitting waiting in his truck, amongst the many rows of rigs for the event to start, announced over the radio he was going to order Uber eats, would have ever received his meal! Certainly gave us all a laugh!

What an incredibly heartwarming experience the day was. Everywhere the public could, they lined the streets and sought vantage points to view this incredible spectacle. Cheering, waving and clapping those trucks and their drivers on.

Parents were showing the little ones how to pump their arms so the drivers would pull on those air horns. Kids faces were lit up with the sheer glory of seeing this rumbling, honking mass of sparkling steel on wheels bypass them.

Listening to drivers talking on their radios, we heard some saying how they were blown away with the sight of so many people supporting them in the cause they in turn were supporting. It was incredible.

More so when we live in a time and age where so many run the trucking industry down. And yet, here were these hardworking guys, giving up what for most of them was a precious weekend day off, to support this worthy cause and becoming the heroes of the day. Many had their own families along, with a number of excited kids happy to be riding in their parents rig.

The Showgrounds was a place of wonderment for the kids. There was a petting zoo, rides, big sandpit, all of which were free for those children today, as well as an array of food and general purchase choices. Around every corner there was something different, even displays by the Pine Rivers historical society..Many companies had donated goods to the auction. Some going for a very cheap price compared to their actual worth. However all funds were donated to the kids. Today was all about preserving our future.

The logistics behind the successful organisation of this event, would be the result of hard work and effort. Not an easy job. This year the increase in the trucks from just over 400 for 2017 made it harder for everyone to co-ordinate. Many trucks had left the Showgrounds by the time the trophy ceremony began in early evening. Only because those drivers had completed a long couple of days and needed to have those trucks safely back in yards for the night. Some would be preparing for a new work day,

I believe everyone involved from organisers to sponsors, participants, families, supporters, employers, employees and simply anyone who gave a piece of themselves or something to this event deserves a big thank you. It is truely an impressive day for a wonderful cause.

See you there next year!

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Mon Komo Hotel – Weekend Breakfast

Last weekend, a no particular destination morning drive, saw us end up at Mon Komo Hotel. Located directly across the road from Suttons beach, the sea breeze is a refreshing change to the city air.

Water themes are continued, with gently cascading and pooling water, greeting you at this particular entry. Areas created around the hotel, flow into each other, almost like waves lapping gently at a beach. The big covered deck area, flows down into the main restaurant bar area on one side, as the other end of the deck flows into a huge outdoor seating area sprinkled with shade areas. Inside and outside, different areas merge seamlessly, leaving you with an impression of the sheer size of this hotel, but still a comfortable feeling, not lost at sea in amongst the vast areas surrounding you.

The covered deck was a nice area to enjoy breakfast. Staff here were efficient and friendly. Orders were taken and drinks/food delivered in a timely manner, all with a smile an some light banter.

Food was neatly presented, fresh and cooked to a high standard. Hubby enjoyed his Mon Komo big brekky. The bacon on this particular dish was among some of the nicest we have tasted. I followed with my theme of trying something a little different, this time round I opted for the corn cakes.

These were beautifully soft, nicely cooked, maybe a little too oily for my taste, however that would be a preference as opposed to a criticism.

We took the time to enjoy breakfast and relax into the day. When you are presented with a venue which offers this opportunity, you grab it and enjoy.

This is a place we would like to return to, probably for a long lunch sometime. I could just picture myself here, glass in hand, a cooling sea breeze, kicking back over lunch and a quiet drink or two, watching the world go by. Stop in sometime, it’s definitely worth a look.

Yes we will be back…. . 😄