Queen Mary Falls – Darling Downs

 Maybe you’re looking for a picnic spot or after a weekend bush work.  Whatever you are seeking,  a drive through to the Datling Downs to visit the magnificent Queen Mary Falls, is worth your while.

From the large picnic area next to the car park , pick your choice of sunlight filtered track, to enjoy your stroll down to the falls.   Tracks are sufficiently wide enough to allow other walkers enough room to pass you by.  There are steps in places, with one walkway full of steps along the way.   The pathway we chose to head down, was a fairly short.walk to the busy rush of water.

 Our local hosts, led the way over the  bridge to head along another track, which we were told would have us arrive at the foot of the falls.

 Tracks were moist with miss covered rocks and logs lining the pathway.  Enjoying the filtered sunlight sparkling through the tree tops, we meandered our way past the edge of the falls towards the bottom of this veil of rushing water.   Raining onto the rocks below, the seamless veil is broken as it belts onto the rocks at the foot of the falls.  There’s no wind, but the spots of water will gather to give you a refreshingly light shower.  

From below, the view of the falls is quite breathtaking.   Enjoy the photo opportunities whilst ducking the water spray.   Around now you will have decided the walk was worth it.   

Take the time to enjoy this regal lady, before you tackle the tracks heading back to the top.   Around 3km’s in total, the walk is a great way to walk off breakfast!   

Drop past this area sometime, or head out for a Sunday drive, this is a fantastic area to explore.