Day drive – Sunshine Coast Hinterland

The diversity of Southern Queensland , from sea, to mountains and beyond, never ceases to amaze. From Brisbane we are lucky to easily indulge in day trips or weekends away within just a couple of hours drive from our own doorsteps.

Tree lined beauty

Sunshine Coast Hinterland, not only provides beauty and interesting areas to visit, but, the welcoming warmth of the locals is something you will never forget.


We had a short stay in Montville recently, an early Christmas break to beat the expected crowds, flocking to holiday at the end of this pandemic year. A fantastic way, to take a breath and relax before everything becomes full on.

Driving to Kenilworth

Whilst in Montville, we did a short day trip via, Mapleton, Kenilworth and Maleny. This can easily be completed from Brisbane without staying, but, why would you not want to spend more time in this stunning area. More about where we stayed in the next article!

This mirror in Cafe Mapleton says it all

Mapleton is next to Montville, taking under ten minutes to get there. From here you turn left and drive around twenty minutes to reach Kenilworth. However, if you’re looking for a breakfast break first, make sure you stop at Cafe Mapleton. We had such a wonderful time talking to the very interesting owners!

Cafe Mapleton

This pretty little cafe, has such a beautifully laid back vibe. If you’re in a rush, don’t bother to stop, this is a place you come to relax and enjoy. Simple, wholesome meals, created with a smile and a whistle. We loved this cafe!

Just like a home cooked brekky

Kenilworth, is a popular township, some fantastic shops for wiling away time, including the Kenilworth Dairies. Not just cheese and milk products, they stock more than enough to make your own delicious platters, including relishes and crackers. A little cafe is on site too with a few scattered tables and shade umbrellas.

We wandered along the Main Street, lined with colourful, cute shopfronts, popping in here and there to check out the local wares. The Chocolate shop, oh my what a find! With an incredible array of chocolate, sporting an unending array of flavours, shapes and fabulous ideas, it’s very easy to lose track of time as you salivate over the endless purchase possibilities.

Outside the Big Boss Chocolate Shop

Browse the other shops too. A great way to spend a few hours, all the time remembering you are injecting some much needed tourist dollars into a small country areas economy.

So much to look at in this shop!

The local park is conveniently located across the road from the shops and the Dairies. A lovely tree filled green space with children’s play areas and shady seating as well as toilet facilities on site.

Park trees sport Christmas baubles

Once you’re ready to leave this gorgeous area of Queensland, continue on the route to Maleny. Again the cuteness and quaint shops are totally enthralling. Lose yourself here for a few hours, there’s plenty to see. Depending on the day, there’s markets, quaint shops, an IGA which sports the most incredible delicatessen array we have ever seen in a supermarket, seriously go check it out!

Stunning art but I think these should be called diet snack bowls 😂 Would you put your hand in?

Be sure to visit the bakery and the genuine butcher. Everywhere we went we were told brief or long stories. Peoples life’s are so interesting. I love that every person has a story. And until you talk to them you never get know even a little piece of their story.

One of the many pretty little spots in Maleny

Tear yourself away from this gorgeous area to head home, or visit the Maleny dairy, and other shops on your way back to your accommodation. But, even if you’re heading home, turn left to head to Montville just to the visit the totally amazing secondhand/record shop, just past Maleny Dairy.

Lost Frock & Treasure Shop.

We were stopped here for a long time, so much to see plus add that to a beautiful chatty owner who shared some of her interesting life story with us. What a most amazing experience!

We didn’t even scratch the surface in what to do on this day trip. I swear you could do this every weekend for a year and still not know this area inside out. Next week, I will share the incredibly special venue we stayed it. Trust me you will love it ! Remember to follow Dine Live Travel on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat for more photos!

Maleny markets
Lost frock & Treasure shop

Maleny Botanic Gardens & Bird World

 Perched on the side of the hill, with the Glasshouse Mountains providing a superb backdrop, are the Maleny Botanic Gardens.    

Pack yourselves a picnic and head off here for visit.  The drive to Maleny from Brisbane, will have you meandering through beautiful country areas, after you leave the Bruce Highway.     A worthwhile drive with the beautiful gardens making for a nice place to stop and enjoy your picnic.  Colours pop from the extensive planting mixes around the grounds.   Wide pathways meander throughout.  Plenty of room to wander here.  

At today’s visit, adults were $16 entry, free for under 16 years.  For $26 you can purchase a ticket to visit the bird aviary as well.  Today though, we visited the gardens and stopped for lunch.  Some of our group visited the aviary, but we will leave this fir a seperate visit and review.  Trees frame the jagged mountains nearby.  Each direction provides a different outlook.

 The grounds are steep in places, however there is plenty of room to drive down to the lower garden area, if you have trouble walking.  Every little corner of the gatden, provides a different setting.

 Water settings reflect their surroundings.    

Use the time you have on a free day to treat yourself to a touch of nature in this breathtakingly beautiful area of South East Queensland.  You certain,y won’t regret it ! 

Muscle on The Mountain

Fundraising to raise awareness for men’s health by creating a car show event, is certainly an excellent way to reel in a good crowd.


Whether you are a car enthusiast or are simply interested in looking at some classic cars, this event is a chance to mix, mingle and chat with the vehicle owners.

A gold coin for each person was the total of the entry fee. Men's prostate cancer was the beneficiary of the proceeds for 2014.

The rumble of the big motor's, sparkling mirrored chrome everywhere you look, some amazing paintwork, car interiors which look too good to sit in and the photo opportunities with the car of your dreams. Not a bad way to fill in a Sunday, all for a good cause.



Event was well organised and all the volunteers assisting through the day did a fantastic job. Well done to everyone involved and also for not setting high entry fees. There really isn’t any doubt the small donation entry fee helped contribute to the large numbers of vehicles and spectators.


The Maleny Showgrounds are set in a basin close to the quaint township area of Maleny. Vistas during the drive out are amazing to say the least. Every now and then the Glasshouse Mountains pop into view between trees. In the distance, on the other side of the road, you can see through to the ocean. If nothing else, it’s certainly worth taking a drive out this way, you never know what you may stumble across.