Lone Star, Invercargill, New Zealand

Near the central heart of Invercargill, sits Lone Star. Warning, if you are not hungry, don’t venture in. Based on an outback, western style, this restaurant is about giving you the hearty country experience.

Service here is exactly what you expect from this style, friendly, sufficient and surprisingly quick. Drinks were ordered and arrived within a few minutes, prior to ordering the meals. In the meantime you soak up the atmosphere, roughly rendered ceilings, walls, hewn wooden beams, and rocket sauce on the tables.

One starts to become a little apprehensive as you watch the other meals going out to the tables. I’m talking way past large, they are extreme! Hubby’s choice was the Kiwi Joker pictured below. A massive piece of steak resting upon a bed of buffalo chips, coleslaw, mushrooms and topped with a couple of fried eggs. Note buffalo chips to me, resemble roast potatoes, they are not small. The steak was so deliciously tender, it really did almost melt in the mouth. Even hubby could not extend the area of his stomach enough to cope with the full serving of this meal, although this was not due to the lack of trying 😄. The photo does not do the size of this meal justice!

I myself opted for the Rock the Boat fresh fish meal. This was beautifully fresh fish, resting atop mashed potatoes and an extremely delicious coleslaw. Once again, this was a melt in the mouth meal. Luckily, I did choose the smaller version, which was more than enough to try and finish. There was no way I could would have made much of a hole in the large version of the meal. Our helpful waitstaff did point out that the size of the meals had been reduced as they used to be even bigger….wow! We were left wondering what they used to be like!

We enjoyed our evening meal here, very nice thank you Lone Star!

Buster Crabb, Invercargill, New Zealand

Right now you’re feeling like you’ve just stepped back in time, or into the scene of an old movie. Snappy suits, hats or spats on the shoes would not be out of place here. With a couple of separate dining rooms, shrouded in heavy curtains, you have the opportunity to request a private dining room for a group booking.

There is little, if anything to fault about the decor and setup of this restaurant. Signed photos and other interesting paraphernalia adorn the walls and areas within the restaurant. Plenty of parking in the area behind the restaurant, with an extensive menu and drinks list, this is a place to cater to most tastes.

Menus are presented in an aged newspaper format adding to the early 1900’s atmosphere. Meals presented were large. Luckily, on this occasion I had opted for an entree meal with a side of beans as my main. Pork & Duck Terrine. This in itself was more than ample on this occasion. The terrine paired beautifully with the sliced apple and cranberry sauce on the side.

Seafood chowder, I’m told was fabulously creamy and full of seafood including mussels, smoked fish, salmon and prawns. Hubby has been on a quest to find the best seafood chowder and this one did not disappoint.

Whilst you’re visiting Invercargill, take the time to visit this interesting restaurant. Once you have finished checking out the decor, sit back, order from the menu and resist the urge to tilt a bowler hat to the side or light up a cigar. Enjoy!