Sunset Bar & Cafe, Iririki Island

Who does not enjoy a swim up bar? This area is part of the Iririki Island complex. At the opposite end of the island to the Bali Hai Bar & Micheners restaurant, this area of endless lagoon style pools, waterfalls, and seating areas are nested in among the swaying coconut trees and surrounded by the gym, cafe, tennis courts, games room and the bar.



This area is aimed towards families, with a playground and poolside apartments incorporated into the area. Happy hour is in place down this end of the island too, between 4-5pm and 8-9pm daily.

I for one enjoyed sitting on one of the concrete stools in the pool, sipping a wine, very relaxing whilst one cools off from the humidity. If you are staying near the Bali Hai end, be sure to take a wander down this way, you won’t be disappointed!


Real Pasifik banquet – Iririki Island

Wow! To join in this most awesome banquet experience, you do not need to be staying at Iririki. The day begins with a 10am food market tour to showcase the food which will be used in the banquet that night. Our tour was conducted by Stanley, Chef Amos and Bernie.

Chef Amos taught his small class of pupils the differences in many different types of food. For instance, we learned which varieties of bananas are for eating, whilst plantain bananas are for cooking only. The difference between the cooking and the eating peanuts, types of fruit and vegetables, all accompanied with an insight into the life of the locals. Bernie’s interjections along the way were received with much laughter and hilarity.

I do have some photos of the markets however will upload at a later time when Internet allows. Some have uploaded onto our Facebook page Dine Live Travel as well as dinelivetravel on Instagram.

We were the inaugural tour to be taken to Lapita Cafe after the markets. I would say this topped off the tour beautifully. A review of a Lapita Cafe has been provided separately however I really urge everyone to visit this beautiful lady and her staff.

After the cafe everyone dispersed to spend the day however they wished. That evening we came together for the most amazing evening. The group is limited to around 16 which was an ideal number. Drinks are included, now the best part here is it was any drink you were drinking. Certainly making a change from the usual basics only inclusions we have found at other restaurants who advertise all inclusive meals.

A large screen tv, played the show filmed in Vanuatu featuring Robert Oliver and the lovely lady from Lapita Cafe, whose name no one was sure how to spell!

First on the menu was a banana soup. Right now I totally understand if you are raising the eyebrows a little, however we were assured by Chef Amos and Bernie in the morning the soup was devine. There is no denying they were correct. One really does need to try this, a description does not it justice.

A copy of the full menu will follow later. We would encourage everyone to try this. Remember even a coeliac can eat everything on this menu. Internet restricts the upload at the moment, I will however add to this blog in a couple of days time. Enjoy the banquet !!




Balihai Bar – Iririki Island


The Bali Hai bar at Iririki Island has nearly everything you could desire to relax.

Bar staff are relaxed, helpful and happy. Here you can spend time by yourself or mingle with the many different people and cultures. Frangipani spa is located right next to the bar should you feel like a relaxing massage. Or perhaps you’d like a refreshing swim? No problem, the pool with seemingly endless water through to the sea, is located directly in front of the bar.

For the sports buffs, the tv shows the major games. At the moment it is running continuously for World Cup soccer. All black and Wallaby games are popular in the union, with any game the French play also a hit.

Micheners Restaurant is also next to the bar. Here breakfast is served daily and numerous theme nights are covered for dinner. More about those in the Micheners blog to follow.

Two happy hours feature at the bar daily, 4pm to 5pm then 8pm to 9pm. This is the same across all the bars on the island.

Cocktail list is extensive, however should you desire some type of drink the staff do not know, they are more than happy to knock it up if you provide the instructions on the mix. Cheers !

Iririki Island

Sea gently caresses land as they merge, a couple of birds tweet their greetings, the occasional holler from one of the nearby islands is answered by other locals with hoots and hollers, and every now and then a water taxi scoots by.

Crystal clear waters provide a picture perfect view, so clear you can see the bottom of the sea from a balcony three stories high, clearly distinguishing turtles and other sea life going about their daily business.

This is heaven on earth. Our arrival on a late night flight was met with humidity and huge smiles. Staff at the island are fantastically relaxed and willing to help in any way they can. They adore interacting with everyone and the more you respond, they will do likewise.

Internet here can be a little dodgy, so I will only post short blogs for now.
Photos may not load however once we return home I will update. Enjoy your weekend 🙂




An addition to this blog now we have returned home. Tank yu tumas to everyone who made our stay so enjoyable. Staff were fantastic. This is a country where people will keep to themselves however you interact with them and they will respond. The information to be gleaned from talking to these beautiful people is amazing. They are more than willing to answer your questions or furnish you with the information you ask for. I will post a second Iririki blog regarding activities etc, thank you for following!