Hunter Valley Dining


A beautiful relaxed setting within the Hunter Valley Gardens was our choice for Sunday ‘lunchinner’ (late lunch, early dinner). We were seated before their lunch closing time of 3pm.

Our table came in as most others were finishing their meals, as a result, service was a little lax with a long wait for drinks. After this though, service was fantastic with nothing a problem or too difficult.

I chose to team an entree with, a morsel and sides to create my own main. The result, scallops, curls of crispy pork crackling, beautifully made pork and superb cauliflower cheese with Yorkshire pudding.

Steaks arriving to the table were thick and juicy, as were the lamb cutlets.

Menu is extensive as was the wine list. Choosing to team lunch with the local The Cellar Chardonnay was definitely a good choice. This may be their house wine, however it had a lovely buttery taste and wasn’t a sharp Chardonnay.

Well done to all the staff at The Cellar Restaurant, we did enjoy being able to sit outside under a shady umbrella and soak in the wonderful setting. It was nice too, that tables weren’t too close together and we had some space around us. The outside seats are starting to age and become somewhat creaky, how ere none of them collapsed which is definitely a bonus!


Hunter Valley Gardens


A beautiful place for a Sunday drive. There is something for everyone. Located at the top of the Hunter Valley, within easy driving distance of Newcastle.

Over 60 acres of spectacular gardens for viewing, a menagerie of shops ranging from the British Lollie Shop, handbags, nick nacks through to cookie, chocolate, wine, beer and liqueur tastings. Plus don’t forget the helicopter rides and the tunnel of beer!

After some wine tasting and very little convincing, a case of wine for the low price of $50, plus another free bottle for spending over $30, somehow made its way to the boot of the car.

The tunnel of beer is very impressive, with beers from all over the world as well as the opportunity to taste whatever is the tasting beer of the day.

The shops are quirky, cottagey and it’s wonderful to meander your way through the alley ways joining them. Even though this is a very popular destination there is still plenty of room to make your way around no matter how many people are there.