Top Pub, Fairlie ( Fairlie Hotel)

Now I don’t believe this photo does the meal justice. That’s why I need to tell where this roast was served.
Nearing the end of our NZ road trip, we completed the final leg to Christchurch Airport, driving via the Lindis Pass, from Queenstown. An easy day trip for us, just over 6 hours with stops.

Our initial plan had been to stop at the stunning Lake Tekapo for lunch. That however seemed to be the plan for hundreds of other tourists, with the small township teeming with people. Oh well there goes the famous sushi we had been recommended. Deciding to carry on, we completed the 30 minutes to Fairlie. Plenty of room here!

Where to eat? We chose the Fairlie Hotel (Top Pub). Easily able to park outside, we followed the signage into the interior, which was reasonably busy with patrons enjoying lunch, or a drink on the NZ public holiday.

Whilst in NZ we had tried many different foods, from whitebait to rabbit. All beautiful foods, but right now, i spotted the roast meal which induced a craving for a fresh meat roast and vegetables. Hubby chose the fish n chip meal. Straight away the bar attendant asked if he would be interested in the lemon pepper batter, which the chef was trialling as a new mixture. Why not, let’s trial the new batter.

Heading out to the bricked in dining area at the rear of the pub, we found a huge table, shaded with a big umbrella. Quite a welcome relief from the suns heat on this beautiful day.

The fish meal arrived out first as seen below. Closely followed by the generously sized roast meal. The fish n chips was actually on a long platter style plate, making for a large meal. The chips were the big generous size which seemed to be standard over here, with a fresh salad. These chunky chips are a favourite for hubby, which he consumed willingly with the fish.

Now to trial this delicious, crunchy looking batter. Well done chef! The batter was a definite hit! Make sure you test this ones with your fish meal, next time you pass through Fairlie.

The simple, uncomplicated, roast meal was exactly what I had hoped for. Beautifully tender meat with the softest centred roast potatoes, I had tasted in a long time. Very refreshing.

We enjoyed our meals in peace, with other patrons choosing the bar area. A couple of staff passed through, all were pleasant and acknowledged our presence.

Upon finishing, we found the facilites, and it was then I realised there was an indoor dining area, located through the small pokie machine area. No problem though, we enjoyed our break from the car, under the umbrella.

When you do pass through Fairlie, take the time to stop here for a meal. The simple uncomplicated, well priced food, with a quiet drink, could be just the tonic you need to continue your journey. Don’t forget to try the Chef’s new batter!