Air New Zealand

After a holiday trip to New Zealand, I’m giving Air New Zealand a huge tick. If you’re considering booking flights and have plenty of time to do so, then book early, as you can pick up some good deals. Last minute flights can also include really good deals. It really does depend on your requirements. We knew we had to be somewhere on a certain date, hence the forward planning, booking our tickets nearly a year in advance, during a sale.

Keep an eye out for the regular sales and why not treat yourself to Works Deluxe. Taking into consideration the extras you receive, it just might be worth it. Given we were flying at Christmas, the extra baggage allowance included in the price, plus lounge access, extra leg and seat room, we decided it was worth trialling Works Deluxe.

Prior to boarding, we spent over an hour in the Koru lounge as part of our ticket inclusions. Brisbane Lounge is spacious, providing, private phone booths for those wishing to make or receive phone calls on their mobiles, charging stations in case your phones or iPads need a top up, a good selection of self serve, juices, wines, spirits, beers and softdrinks, buffet food which varies depending upon the time of day, clean rest rooms including showering facilities, all of this set amongst comfortable, roomy seating choices.

Seated in the front row, seats D & F, (the middle seat is left empty in Works Deluxe as part of you ticket), whilst leaving Brisbane, we were treated to a storm sky as in the photo I snapped below. Rolling in towards us, whilst the other side of the plane could see bright blue sky out their windows, lightening was cracking over the city as our plane prepared to depart.

Moments prior to this storm preparing to engulf the airport, our plane headed down the runway, and, with not as many bumps as expected, soared away from the clutches of the angry clouds, bolts of lightening and rumbling thunder.

Cabin crew were very good on this flight. after the initial bump, rattle and roll, the plane settled into a steady path towards Christchurch. The crew took an interest in the photos they had seen me snapping, as the view out their porthole window was clear blue sky. As a side note, the Pilots did a great job of keeping the plane comfortable during the first bumpy ride. I’m sure it would have been a lot worse without their skill.

Settling in to watch the sunset over the sunset above the clouds, we were delivered our choice of dinner and beverages. Now I would have to say the meals were enjoyable, well above the standard one would expect from an airline.

Our flight arrived in safely into Christchurch at midnight. Thank you to the crew in this flight, who, despite the time of day were all fresh, friendly and helpful.

As with any holiday, they eventually come to an end. Unfortunately, so did ours. Returning to Christchurch for the flight home to Brisbane, we had an early start on Saturday 3 January.

Christchurch Koru Lounge is also impressively clean and roomy,with the facilities similar to Brisbane. Here we were able to enjoy a lingering breakfast, which included scrambled eggs and mini sausages as we waited for our flight to board.

Upon boarding, it wasn’t hard to see, the cabin crew on our flight NZ803, departing at 8am were as fresh as daisies and delightfully friendly.

On this return flight. We had chosen to try the front row seats 1A & 1C, directly in front of the two crew seats. This puts you facing the crew members who are seated here during take off and landing. Today we had Candy and Catherine, seated opposite. Candy was overseeing the onboard cabin crew today, with two other cabin crew in addition to Catherine, who were Michelle & Georgina, fresh out of training.

As I mentioned earlier, the first flight had very good cabin crew, however now bing seated in direct contact with the cabin crew, we were able to interact more with the crew. This made the flight more personalised, enjoyable and a lot of fun.

Breakfast followed soon after takeoff, whilst we soared over Mount Cook National Park.

Champagne breakfast, ah why not, the holiday is coming to an end. Time for some final treats – thanks Catherine for anticipating my choice👍. I must note the bubbly paired quite nicely with the frittata. Plus where else would you have a champagne breakfast with a view like the one below.

Mount Cook National Park mountain peaks, rising majestically out of the clouds they appeared to be bathing in. Quite breathtaking, in fact it seemed a shame to view it through a camera lens whilst taking shots.

I really do want to give a huge thank you to the cabin crew who were tremendous. The Pilots provided a wonderfully smooth flight, whilst Candy ran a top crew with ease. They all worked efficiently, as part of a team and easily, without going about their duties mechanically. We were really impressed.

A big shout out to Catherine Sayce, Candy, Michelle and Georgina. Thank you for the friendly banter, your exemplatory service and for such a wonderful finish to our holiday. You were all fantastic.

If you’re looking to book flights on a path used by Air New Zealand, then don’t hesitate to book with this airline. Treat yourself to those front row seats, even if it’s just once, you never know who the crew will be 😄. I do know that if it is any of the crew we encountered you are in for a fabulous flight. Enjoy!

(Note, crew names were used with permission from those named)