Banter Coffee House – Manly, Brisbane

Inviting surroundings set under an elevated roof, looked appealing.   Friendly staff were on hand to show you to a seat and distribute menus.   Now when I say friendly staff, they were.  And relaxed.  There was nothing forced with their customer interaction at all.   Certainly making for an inviting atmosphere.

Menus were also inviviting,, not only on the food  side, as the drinks menu had some interesting combinations as well.

Choose your order, then lodge it at he counter along with your payment.  After that, sit back, relax and the staff will bring your meals out as well as clear the table.

Cold Drip Coffee was one of the drinks choices.  Not being a coffee drinker, I can only go by what I was told, which was that it was a nice strong coffee.   There is maple provided if you would like to sweeten it a little.    I will say, the aromatherapy tea though was simply superb.   

Meals arrived with a nice selection at our table.   The above Banter breakfast was a big plate, full, including thick cut bacon and large sausage topped with spinach and hollandaise..  By all accounts a challenge to eat the entire plateful, but hard to stop as every morsel was so enjoyable.

My choice today was the Grilled Haloumi Salad.  Sounded intriguing, I wonder what if this will live up to the description?

Wow!   Not only was the presentation fantastic, the flavours within this salad mixed to an intriguing combination.   Combine those flavours with wonderfully fresh ingredients, and this dish was simply delicious.   For a salad, it was also surprisingly filling.

Kimchi Pancakes, another well enjoyed dish at our table.  Savoury pancakes filled with pork mince and a peanut salsa.  Again lovely presentation as well as a fresh interesting mix of ingredients.

In keeping with  a desire this year to test dishes different to the norm.   Hubby chose the potato and feta hash with a fennel and garlic sauerkraut.  Certainly no disappointment with this dish, he was suitably impressed.

Everyone in our group agreed, overall this venue had surprised with upmarket meals , service and surroundings.   Keep up the fantastic work here.  There is a lot of potential and as a fairly new player on the Brisbane scene, you cetainly made an impact!

Thank you!   We look forward to returning at some point to try more of the delights on offer.

Kith ‘n’ Chow

Returning to our Sunday Beeakfast outings, the choice today was the quirky food van Kith ‘n’ Chow, located in Mount Gravatt.  Quite an electic choice of seating including this van complete with stools inside and out.  A novel table for customers and one which, I have no doubt, is a hit with many.Today was a somewhat moody, wet, Brisbane day, which had us wondering what would happen, given the table settings are outside. We soon discovered there was no problem at all.  Why you may ask?   Simply because this food van operates in conjunction with a florist next door.   The florist shop provides the coffees to accompany the gastronomic delights of the food van.    

Seated under shelter, we perused the menu to decide upon breakfast choices.   Having seen some photos of the breakfast platters, Hubby was in no doubt what his choice would be- you guessed it a platter.

What a simply delightful  spread, not only the display, but for the taste sensations contained within.  Those cherry tomatoes pan seared in a herb vinaigrette were sensational.   Eggs and bacon I’m told were fresh, and the haloumi was a definite favourite of Hubbys.   His first time trialling this particular cheese.

More of those superb cherry tomatoes and grilled haloumi on this tomato bruschetta dish, with an added side of bacon.

Frozen  yoghurt topped with a bright pansy, contained crunchy roasted granola which mixed well with frozen creamy yoghurt and strawberries.Juices and Smoothies are offered on the drinks menu.  The choice, like the food menus, has been keep to a small yet varied number of choices.

Sunrise Juice, P nutter Smoothie, Green Glory and Pinkle.  My choice was the Pinkle, a very refreshing light, tasty juice where the watermelon apple and lemon mixed nicely to gently tease the tastebuds. 

Take the time to visit this interesting cafe.  The idea of incorporating a quaint food van into the area looks to have paid off, It certainly creates a talking point, and they have in no way skimped on the quality and presentation of their food.

Check this one out!