Cafe Wisteria – Ascot

Happy to have started our regular brunch, random choice sessions again for this year. This choice was picked simply by going for a drive and choosing what looked like a nice venue.

Located on the edge of the Coles Complex, the cafe is split easily across the footpath. With partial walls, giving open an airy open space feeling, decorated with hanging wisteria and herbs, the dining area next to the road edge, is definitely a relaxing place to sit and enjoy your meal.

Menu choice was enough to cover for all tastes, so we were interested as to what ordered meals would be like.

Staff here, were not only exceptionally friendly and helpful, they were very accommodating, giving only their best attitude to visiting customers.

Presentation of the tea was intriguing. So often tea is overlooked as everyone scrambles for coffee. Luckily, I’m not a coffee drinker, hence tea presentation is what I notice. And yes, i liked this simple eye catching assortment for the tea ordered,

Meals arrived in a timely fashion, nicely presented, with a complete order looking very tasty.

My choice on this occasion was the Salmon on corn fritters with a side of mushrooms.

Yes, it did taste even better than what it looks. Fresh, light and very enjoyable, this was quite a filling meal.

An interesting choice was the bacon pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream. Pancakes were light and airy, topped with tasty bacon rashers and a side of maple.

They have a pretty awesome selection of juices and other drinks here. You can choose your own ingredients to try something a little different. Worth a try, you. Never know what you might end up with!

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Rice Cafe

We recently stopped by a neat little cafe for Sunday breakfast.   Nestled in amongst the Aspley Homemaker retail precinct, corner Gympie and Zillmere Roads, Rice Cafe is part of a furniture/homeware shop.

A simple menu, however Sunday offered the opportunity for a kickstart barbecue brekky.  Today however, we chose from the above  selection.

Avocado & Feta on toast was my choice today and, I’d have to say, very enjoyable.  Loved the corn bread!   Adding a squeeze of lemon juice really pepped up the avocado turning a very simplistic meal into a tasty start to the day.   Coupled with my squeezed orange juice, I’d have to say I really did enjoy this cafe.

Not normally a fan of the ‘healthier option’, hubby surprised me by choosing from the menu as opposed to the barbecue.   Choosing a croissant and a breakfast frittata, he was suitably impressed with his choice.    

Ok there is no full kitchen here, but they have managed to produce a small selection of tasty dishes which can be enjoyed to fill the hole in the stomach whilst you flit between the retail shops in this complex.

Will definitely have to go back, there looked to be some interesting furniture in there too!