Matthew Thomas Cafe- Sandgate

 Standing proudly between residential housing, Matthew Thomas Cafe, on Eagle Street Terrace Sandgate enjoys a fabulous tree filtered view across the bay.   Should you be able to tear yourself away from the interesting wares on display and for sale, you will be sure to find something of interest on this menu.   Plenty of choice on the breakfast menu, with the option of continuing to choose a breakfast item for lunch if you so desire.

 Choose your meals, order & pay at the counter, then sit back, relax, soaking in the ambiance  whilst you await your chosen delights.  Table service here was good with everything delivered without any real delay.  Staff were also polite and unobtrusive.

Today my choice was The Onesie.  One each of poached egg, corn fritter, zucchini fritter, one rasher of bacon and avocado, all delivered onboard a sourdough base.  Sided with my added extra of roasted mushrooms, I would have to say, this was a most enjoyable fulfilling breakfast. 

All of the meals were enjoyed, with no complaints.  This included the colourful array of smoothies and coffees delivered to the table.   Even though the tea selection was limited, to few teabag choices, the delivery of  the tea did create a point of interest, with this regal looking cup & saucer combination below. 

One of the dishes on our table, was definitely an indulgent breakfast choice, fit for royalty.

Freshly made waffles, topped with vanilla bean gelato, banana, strawberries, drizzled with maple syrup, topped with a dusting of icing sugar and grated chocolate.    Definitely an appealing looking and tasting dish. Sandgate foreshore is always a nice area for a drive, perhaps while you’re enjoying the sea breeze, the hunger pains might see you checking out this interesting cafe.   With fabulous bay vistas directly across the road, you are bound to enjoy your time at this little slice of Sandgate.  


Shutter & Brew, Wavell Heights, Brisbane

Hidden in the suburbs, lives a delightful cafe by the name of Shutter & Brew.  

Perhaps the photo above will give you a hint as to the origins of the word shutter.   Yes the cafe is based around a photography theme, however you do not need to be a photographer to visit this intriguing venue.

Our visit was for breakfast.  Now I will admit, this would have to be one of, if not the cheapest breakfast ever.   Mine totalled $13 for breakfast and tea.   

This smashed avocado on toast, with homemade relish, was a simplistic, yet fulfilling breakfast. Great way to start the day.  Actually that’s a big accolade given I’m not a relish loving person, but this one, yes, loved it!

The menu here is simple, not extensive, just a few items, however all are wonderfully presented. 

Quite refreshing in a way to come across such a simple, yet satisfying menu.

This toasted sandwich is a lot bigger than it looks in the photo.   Definitely way larger than your normal slice of bread.

 It’s winter, and you’re presented with this as your hot chocolate choice, complete with large tin mug.  First thoughts?  Wow!  How awesome is this!

Feeling somewhat guilty the other half was working on the weekend, whilst I was out exploring with family, I had to buy a cupcake to take home.

Simple affair really, just a a little Oreo cupcake……  Apparently quite tasty to eat,  I was toldšŸ‘.

If you would like to learn photography, you can book a lesson or two here.  Take some time to browse the old photography manuals too, or check the photo display.  The interior of the shop, definitely makes up for the lack of view outside!

I highly recommend you check this cafe out, you won’t be disappointed!  Seek it out, worth a visit!

Willow & Spoon, Wilston, Brisbane

Nested in between residential, older style Queenslanders, Willow & Spoon is a unexpected surprise.   Eclectic, mismatched, relaxed and interesting, this cafe has it all.   

From the outhouse at the bottom of the garden to the choice of dining in either the intimate interior, or the more expansive outdoor seating at the rear of the building, this place does not disappoint.

Somehow the somewhat different mix of everything, works.   It really does.

Menus arrived attached to old LP’s, perhaps that’s why the meals arrived in record time…….šŸ˜ƒ. !
 What better way to start your day than with a refreshing juice.   The dull green hue of the Kiwifruit & Apple juice, was offset by the bright, sunshine look of the carrot juice.


The Tuscan was my menu choice today.  Homemade muffins were the base for the poached eggs and tomato relish, accompanied by my extra of mushrooms. A delightful dish, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Bright yellow cornbread was the added choice on The Willow meal of bacon & eggs.   I did have a taste of the cornbread which was wonderfully soft and tasty.
Hubby’s breakfast above, was Notorious.   A belly warming sirloin, onion gravy, mushrooms, eggs and Turkish toast.  This definitely hit the right spot too.


As explained in their brief history on the menus, the menu here changes frequently.   A plus which helps to keep everyone’s interest.  

 Themed dinners occur monthly here too.   You might want to check one out – I think we will be sometime soon.   After all, the Italian night which was drawing near, sounded good value at $45 per person for three courses.

Take a drive down Newmarket Roaf and visit this interesting cafe, with wonderful friendly service, which has just been voted best cafe in Brisbane!   

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Vagelis Bar & Cafe – Racecourse Road, Hamilton, Brisbane


A recent week day off work, led to a relaxing breakfast at Vagelis Bar & Cafe, located on the busy Racecourse Road restaurant strip.  Here you are spoilt for choice.   Today we chose Vagelis to enjoy breakfast.

For such a busy road, the setting here was lovely and relaxing.   A mix of Bali/Asian style meets western style.  Quite a mixed feel cafe, yet somehow this all came together to make for a nice place to enjoy a chill out breakfast.


The Japan Sencha tea was presened on its own wooden board, and made for a very enjoyable accompaniment to the meal.


The salmon stack above was my choice today.  Simple presentation, fresh food, even with one of the eggs being stone cold, this was not enough to ruin the meal.  Still a very nice meal, I’m sure the cold egg was simply an oversight on this day.


With a breakfast menu giving you plenty of choice, there is bound to be something on here to meet your requirements.    Service was friendly with everything being delivered to the table in a timely manner.   One in our table tried the Turbo Burrito and declared this to be a really nice dish.   I’m not a burrito person, but if you, perhaps is is one to try.

Luke I said earlier, the choice of dining on Racecourse Road is huge, however, this place is worth checking out.  It had the look and feel of a lovely place to spend a lazy afternoon or morning.   Check it out sometime. šŸ‘

Shucked Cafe, Newstead Brisbane

Unassuming from the road, this industrial style cafe is located on the outer fringe of central Brisbane, in the suburb of Newstead.

Near the kitchen area, there are some clever uses of old coppers, now masquerading as light shades. A huge oak, bar height table, is surrounded by coloured stools, inviting you to take a seat. Alternatively you have the choice of one of the table settings in the cafe.

The simple single paper sheet menus for the food and drinks, fit the basic industrial style of this cafe.

Both menus for breakfast included some interesting items, however the drinks menu definitely won over with the creative combinations available. Espresso and condensed milk crush or peanut butter/banana smoothie. Perhaps you would prefer a Nutella latte or espresso with caramel shake. An interesting variety of teas and coffees are also available. I did enjoy the lemon myrtle tea, an uplifting tea making a refreshing change to my usual green tea choice.

I savoured the watermelon berry crush too, with the watermelon gently neutralising what could have been a sharp berry taste. Other drinks enjoyed at our table, included the peanut butter/banana shake, lychee/mint/lemon crush, espresso/condensed milk crush, and Nutella latte. All were pronounced delicious. The only small problem was the size of the handle on the cappuccino cup, not being big enough to put the fingers through. Certainly this in no way affected the taste, which was of a very high standard!

Meals arrived to the table, accompanied by the clearing of empty drink receptacles.

The above smashed avocado served with haloumi, a delightfully light mango salsa sided by my choice of poached eggs and mushrooms. Everything on the plate married together beautifully. Other meals included a wagyu burger served with thin potato chips,

All of the meals were nicely presented, tasty and well enjoyed by all. To be fair, this cafe was not our original destination, however, luckily I’m guessing, the place we did pick had 7am advertised as opening in their website, but did not open until 8. A quick google for a breakfast venue in a nearby area was what brought us to Shucked. Perhaps a timely reminder to check websites are updated with correct opening times and general information.

The result though, was an enjoyable breakfast, with friendly helpful service, at Shucked Cafe. Certainly well worth the visit!

Little PawPaw

Days off work throughout the week are somewhat of a rarity. It was to be expected therefore, that a Friday away from work would result in a lunch somewhere.

Taking the opportunity to drop the car in for a car wash, whilst partaking of lunch, we headed to Kedron’s Little PawPaw Cafe. This cafe was recommended by friends of my daughter, which made it an easy decision for her to take me out to lunch.

Located on a street corner in the suburb of Kedron, this quirky, popular little cafe has taken up residence. The next building houses a dog salon, with a number of pampered pooches exiting with their owners, looking spruced up and fluffy. One particular little white dog, looked to be smiling proudly, sporting a blue bow, as their owner carried them off to their car, to be belted in for homeward trip. Salon treatment with valet service and your own driver, no wonder this one was smiling!

The menu is sufficient for most tastes, with breakfast available all day. Once you place and pay for your order at the counter, you can collect a bottle of chilled water, plus glasses, from the nearby fridge.

There’s a mix of picnic tables outside, mostly roughly hewn wooden tables painted with interesting pictures of fruit. Small stools surround some tables, with a couple having bench seats. Quite an arty, eclectic feel to the whole area.

Staff were efficient, no complaints with regards to service. This is a busy cafe, not a full table service restaurant, which generally denotes a different type of service.

The quinoa salad pictured above was my choice for today, fresh, tasty and surprisingly very filling for a lighter meal. A satay chicken burger was the other meal choice at our table. Apparently this was a very tasty burger, perhaps a little heavy on the satay for this person’s palate. Otherwise, however, a very substantial lunch.

Little Pawpaw looks to be very popular with the locals in the area. Quite a few wandered in for a lunch or a coffee and a chat. The nice casual, laid back atmosphere lends itself to wiling away some time while you catch up on the news or watch the world go by.

There are other cafes related to this one, throughout Brisbane, including Pawpaw, Raw Pawpaw & Picnic Cafes.

Keep an eye out in your area, you might stumble across one.