Allan Scott Winery

Marlborough.  A name and place world renown for wine, seafood and stunning scenery.  Before our recent visit to the area, we were advised by a number of people, both local and visitors to the region, “You cannot visit Marborough without going to Allan Scotts for a meal”.   The choice of cuisine in Marlborough is broad ranging, to say the least, however, we were told the Seafood Chowder here was the very best!

With so many recommendations, comes curiosity, we had to try this venue ourselves.  And, with a philosophy like the one above, how could I possibly resist now!

With lunch comes the opportunity for a free wine tasting, to aid you in deciding what you would prefer to partner your meal with.  With such a broad range to choose from, including coffee flavoured wine, you will find wines to partner to your meal.  Oops that should be wine however, the final decision can be difficult ….

Boasting a massive alfresco dining area, indoor and even upstairs seating, there was plenty of space in a venue where the ambiance was superb.  We chose the outdoor area, as the winters sun chose to shine today, and the outdoor seating is well sheltered from those winter breezes with a nip of chill in their tips.

Time to dine.  My salmon meal above was superb to say the very least. Intrigued by the fabulous pops of colour and texture throughout the dish, it seemed such a shame to spoil this work of art by eating it, however, I did and was not disappointed in any way.

And to the seafood chowder.  Definitely declared by Hubby as the best ever!   I very much doubt there was anything left in the bowl to wash out as he literally cleaned up every single drop. Full of seafood, not just a few bits floating around, deliciously thick and cteamy, Hubby savoured every morsel.

Staff here was so very helpful, friendly,  and catered well to our group.  Late next year we happen to have a wedding in the area and look forward to returning!  

In the meantime though we cannot recommend a visit here highly enough.  Now a new challenge has been set, between now and October next  year, Hubby will be trying to seek out a seafood chowder to better this one….are you up for the challenge??