Mercure Clear Mountain Resort

One of our favourite places to go, especially if we are wanting a quick breakaway, close to home. When we visited recently they had only just reopened to the public, post first wave Covid-19.

The staff up here have had around three months of venue closure. They are enthusiastic to return, but still concerned as to if their patrons will do the right thing. Totally understandable. They have stringent rules in place for the staff to ensure they remain healthy.

Postcard perfect vistas

We were among a number who visited in the first couple of weeks of opening. One thing a pandemic cannot ruin, is picture perfect views and that feeling of relaxation which washes over you.

Take a walk around the grounds, there’s a lot to see.

Rooms have their own private balcony, or wile away some time on the huge deck area encasing the restaurant and bar. There’s plenty of room to spread out. And, in all honesty, even though we were told there were a lot staying, we didn’t ever feel crowded or overwhelmed during our couple of nights staying.

One of the friendly local kookaburras

The menu has been adjusted this year to suit new regulations, with no buffet breakfast any longer. Lunch and dinner menus are simple, yet cater for majority of tastes. Rooms here are hotel style, without food facilities, however, you are here to relax and unwind, so it’s just the way it should be.


If you have a special occasion, why not treat yourself to a high tea. This high tea is the best value high tea we have come across over past years. Affordable, yet packed with tasty morsels, we were lucky to enjoy this on the first morning. Remember to book in advance! Two days notice is appreciated to ensure the high tea can be accommodated.

Two of the tiers in a high tea for two
Don’t forget the sandwiches!

We love this venue, for a number of reasons and cannot recommend visiting here, highly enough. Worst case, just pop up from Brisbane for a meal over a couple of hours, it’s so close, yet an entire world away.

Teat yourself at Stephanies Spa, the ladies there will take very good care of you to ensure you are well pampered!

The view from the deck is breathtaking

Dine Live Travel has further photos on our other platforms, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. All photos and reviews are copyright. Photos are now available for sale on different media’s.

Stay safe and thank you for your interest. Our thoughts are with those in hard quarantine conditions and we hope we have helped bring a little light to your life.

What a great place to unwind when the weather is cooler 😍

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