Uluru – Day Three ends with A Night at Field of Light

Day three at Uluru had begun with the Helicopter Tour. We then filled in the day by browsing the town centre shops for souvenirs, walking around the resort and taking in some of the awesome free activities. One of which was the incredible Mani Mani Theatre. You cannot take photos or video in the theatre, however we were completely blown away with the sheer brilliance of the story telling and interpretive dance. If you don’t stop in to see this you really are missing an incredible experience.

Our more relaxed, somewhat less strenuous day, was going to end with A Night at the Field of Light. This experience combines the popular Sounds of Silence dinner with British artist Bruce Monroe’s 50 000 light display, making for a totally unique and simply awesome evening.

Collected from our hotel, the AAT Kings coach took us to a secluded sand dune area, not far from the resort, tucked away behind the camel farm. After disembarking from the coach,you head up the sand dune to be met with trays of bubbly and smiling welcoming staff. Ok, you have my attention now, this is looking pretty good!!Glass in hand, mingle with your fellow tour participants, as the sun beings to drop down below the horizon for the night. Your backdrop is Uluru, which changes colour as often as the light reflections do.Raise a toast to the rock as you witness an almost silent sunset. The only noise out here, are the soft murmur of voices, a light clinking of glasses, punctuated only with the clicking of cameras and burst of laughter. Quietness envelopes you, very different from city life where noise is a constant reminder of life moving on.Trays of canapés are offered to all. Smoked kangaroo, crocodile, poached prawns, rosella and caramelised sweet potato are on offer to tempt your tastebuds. As the sun begins to disappear on the horizon, participants move location, with a short walk down to the area set up for your 5 star dinner.

A brilliant red carpet moves beneath your feet. Your ceiling this evening will be an incredible array of night stars. Gas heaters dotted throughout the white linen covered tables, will help to keep you warm. That group of strangers you are being seated with, will be your interesting companions for the evening.

Darkness falls as tables are filled and relaxed diners greet their fellow table companions. Staff check with each diner to ensure their choice of drink is catered for throughout the evening. Warming tomato and thyme soup is then served to the tables. Enjoy your entree, its a nice way to warm the insides as the temperature drops.

Each table is soon asked to head to the buffet, where you help yourself to a wide selection of food. On the menu tonight you have kangaroo, lamb, barramundi, chicken, vegetables and salad. Menu items are clearly named so pick your choice, head back to the table and savour those bush tucker flavours mixed with your choices. The beautiful sounds of the didgeridoo provide a soothing background to the laughter and chatter.

Finish your dinner with a variety of delicious sweets. By now you are full, cannot eat another thing. The flowing alcohol has relaxed everyone with friendships forged and stories shared.Beneath your sand dune, the field of lights below has sprung into life, with colours becoming more prominent through the evening.

After dinner, as all the man made light is extinguished, the incredible canopy of stars above your head comes to life. An onsite astronomer runs you through the constellations and planets twinkling peacefully above. As the laser points out specific areas, you are completely in awe of canopy of diamonds. With no man made light to interrupt, the sky above is absolutely exquisite. Never will you see something as brilliant as this from a brightly lit city.Tonights interesting astronomy lesson draws to close, patrons have utilised the best long drops you will ever see in your life, and before you know it, the time arrives to wander through the field of lights.

Glasses are left behind, staff begin to clear the tables as you all take your cameras to immerse yourself in this incredible display.The brainchild of British artist Bruce Monroe, this immersive coloured light experience covers 49000 square meters. 40 people took six weeks to plant the different coloured solar powered stems. Wander through the snaking paths. There’s a long or a short route. I chose the short route, only to give myself more time to stop and take photos.

You really cannot describe the feeling as you wander through the baubles of light. It is immersive, it is soul restoring.

As patrons emerge from the other side of the field, your waiting coaches display their resort destinations. Choose the coach you need and before long, you are safely back at your accommodation.

Another perfect end to a perfect day. It’s an early start tomorrow, with a Desert Awakenings tour starting the day, before a wander through Kata Tjuta.

Sleep easy, dreaming of sparkling stars and lights. Tomorrow is the last full day at this amazing outback destination.Remember to check all the other Dine Live Travel Platforms, including instagram, facebook, Pinterest and twitter. Photos, or coffee table albums are available upon request. Perhaps you may prefer to utilise our new itinerary service. Sweet dreams!

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