Nerada Organic Tea

The Nerada brand has a history dating back to 1882. In fact, right back to April Fools Day, 1st April 1882. On this day, four brothers, Herbert, Sidney, Leonard, & James Cutten rowed over 50 kilometres on the Tully River before they came upon Bingil Bay. The significance? This area is where Nerada Tea hails from. 100% pesticide free, black tea, 100% Australian grown. All 600 kilos plus of it every year.

As one of those chosen to promote Nerada tea, I was delighted to receive a pack of 4 different tea bags, as well as Iced tea suggestions and Nerada information. The challenge here? Some promotional work for the brand, showcasing iced teas. Hmm well lets see what we came up with!

This one was not iced, BUT the lemon & ginger in this delightful teacup set was a superb way to start the day. During the heat of the Brisbane day, one then turns to iced tea. This is the time you need not just chilling, but refreshing!

I trialled this simple recipe of my own, Lemon & Ginger tea (yes the same one from the morning), chilled it in the fridge for a few hours, with slices of lime. Add the ice, sprinkle a little ginger on top and wow! Great combination! Lime, Lemon & ginger iced tea. Refreshing, plus what better way to chill than in the pool with a refreshing poolside beverage!

Adding that with this drink, even Hubby, who is a coffee fan, loved this mix. Now thats saying something!

The mix above, was chilled blackberries, soaked in black tea. Not being a sweet tooth I personally enjoyed this, but for Hubby, not so much. However, if you were to add some local Australian honey this would sweeten the whole mix.

What was my favourite tea? The peppermint. Why? Because it is seriously pepperminty! Over ice, slice of lemon and some mint leaves this was a lovely drink.For that extra dessert, why not add some chocolate syrup round your glass, pour the tea over ice, and you have an after dinner mint! Ok a little naughty for the waistline, but your tastebuds will love you! Note here, I didn’t actually trial this one, but, sure sounds good!

Experiment with these tea bags, they can be used hot or cold. For the sweeter tooth, don’t forget to add a little honey.

Don’t forget the chamomile! I loved that one hot, but yet to trial cold.

Thank you to Nerada for the opportunity to assist with promotion!

( #dinelivetravel trialled these teas after being chosen as a Nerada Tea Taster.)

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