Sugar Republic

This pop up sweet experience, teases those childhood memories. Spend your allotted time traversing down memory lane, whilst tasting some of those sweet delights we used to enjoy!

Now finished in Brisbane, its time for Sydney siders to indulge in this sweet experience after opening date, 10 February 2019. After ending its run in Sydney, Sugar Republic will be return to Melbourne, where it first began.

From the time you enter, there are activities to do as well as some sugary delights on offer. Tickets are purchased online, with and hour to an hour and a half a good time allowance for meandering through.

Start by spinning the wheel and see what your prize is, bounce on the trampoline with balloons, jump out of a huge cake, be the shopkeeper at your own lolly shop or release your inner child as you flail around in the massive ball pit. Swing in front of the wall of sugar, but forget to taste test! A scoop of ice cream here, candyfloss there, perhaps some whizz fizz, who knows what delights are going to await you behind the scenes!

Sydney and Melbourne are lucky to have some new interactive experiences which have been added in. This instagramable pop up delight looks to be growing as it moves around! Opening date for Sydney is 10 February 2019.

Taking photos is encouraged here, just be sure to follow and hashtag #sugarrepublic to show off your sweet snaps,

Would we go again? Probably not, only because. I feel this experience is one of those one off, something different activities. Once you’ve been, experienced and indulged, I don’t think you will feel the need to revisit.

On that note, remember to take those snaps, tickle the tastebuds and enjoy the outing!

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