Cathay Pacific 

First time traveller on Cathay Pacific and to be fair, those I asked about their experiences with Cathay Pacific, all had only good things to say.   Well, now was the time to find out, with a business trip to Hong Kong.

Economy Class certainly could not have had any complaints about the service.  If we were getting this superb service then the other classes must be faring well.

Leg room is limited and unfortunately with a window seat , I was then boxed in with someone who slept through the entire trip.   One did feel a little guilty waking this passenger so I could visit the bathroom, but a nine hour trip is long time to stay seated!

A good sized little pillow is provided as well as a blanket in enconomy class.   I chose not to use the blanket and never felt cold, but the pillow in addition to the travellers pillow I had was handy.

Menus were delivered, with the food choices being good as far as I could see.

Choosing the hickory pork for supper and the eggs and chipolata mix for breakfast, it was time to sit back and see what the quality was like.

I would have to say, the taste was fine for airline food.  Meals was hot too which certainly helped.

Breakfast in the morning was a pleasant experience as well.  Certainly no complaints with the airline food.

As far as rating the experience on Cathay Pacific, I would have no qualms  traveling with the airline again.  Keep them in mind!

Thank you @cathaypacific for the experience!

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