Garden Grille – The Glen Hotel

Time to kick off the new year with a visit to The Glen Hotel.   As Christmas and New Year have been family time, this breakfast was another catchup with family,  And to be fair, the buffet breakfast here proved to be, not only great value, good food, but an ideal location to catch up in a relaxed way.  No pressure, peruse the delights of the buffet as you feel like it, sit and chat in the interim, whilst enjoying the space and pleasant surroundings.

There’s plenty of room for groups and smaller numbers.   Dining settings allowed you enough area between yourselves and other patrons to ensure no-one felt like they were on top of each other, giving everyone room to move.

Buffet was split between two areas.   Cold buffet including cereals, fruit, tea coffee and juices, was in front of the bar.  Hot buffet had been set up in front of the kitchen area.  Here you could choose your toast, select hasbrowns, baked beans , eggs, and bacon to name a few.All food was nice and fresh.  We didn’t find anything dried or overcooked.  For the minimal cost of this buffet, $20 per adult, it was impressive.

To the delight of patrons, there was a corner near the hot buffet, dedicated to waffles, crepes, sweet delights and toppings including ice cream.  Dessert for breakfast, yum!

I would highly recommend a visit to this renovated hotel. With different areas throughout there is something for everyone, even a little bakery cafe outside.

Keep an eye out for the local visitors.  These little fellows were happily scuttling around the deck area outside. 

Definitely check this one out, well worth a visit.

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