Bar Pacino

Bar Pacino , cool but where’s Al😄?  Love the venue, hosting some of the best views in Brisbane of the Story Bridge.  Add to that an awesome staff & service, no kidding they were outstanding!Vistas, reflections, combine this with wine, cocktails and food.  Fabulous mix. I can see why this venue is popular.  Was this our first visit?  Yes, but it’s Eagle Street Pier area, the array of choice in this precinct is outstanding.  We’ve been to a few, still more to go. Secretly I love this area. Everywhere you go has a view. It’s like having a constantly moving and evolving movie, ever changing.

The food, yes menu choice is really good, but the platters, oh yes, the platters, are simply amazing.  We spent an afternoon, and, to be fair, that could have been a lot longer if not for a prior booking elsewhere.We’ve had platters, and, they are a favourite.  It’s not like having a full meal, here you get to pick and choose,in this case, an amazing array of hot and cold food This platter was for five, however even 6 of us just couldn’t quite do it.  Now you have seen what Hubby eats, it’s not small. Even he could not order anything over and above this platter. That’s saying something.

We loved this venue,  one big plus, no one bill per table, just go to the bar, order and pay, the wonderful staff will deliver directly to your table.Cocktails.  Whiskey Sour.  Ok, technically not on the menu, however, bar staff aren’t concerned.  No consulting books, just add the right ingredients, here you are Sir.  Well done!

However, Nutella shots are somewhat of an icon for this venue. Nothing like a round for the table.  After all, when in Rome…..You should visit. It’s a wonderful venue.    Looking forward to returning, as not many places you have quality service, food, venue and the opportunity for an awesome experience.. Try it👍

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